Friday, December 05, 2008

Some nice Christmas music

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Holiday Gifts for the Whole Family

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Monday, November 24, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving from TPC and me

It's almost time for Thanksgiving, so hopefully most of you are having short work weeks! I am working as ever, at my artwork, as this is the season for sales (even if the horrible economy is making that tough on us retailers, so far we are doing pretty good).

My mom and dad are up in Ohio, and will have turkey dinner with friends out in a beautiful area I used to ride horses at. There used to be a big stable called Red Raider out near Burton, in the rolling hills of the country near our old house. Now, the huge stable has been sold and all the land was made into luxury homes. Time moves on, I guess, but the homes are lovely. Their friends live on a lake there, so I am so glad they will have a great atmosphere and good friends to be with on the holiday. I'm homesick and wish I could be with them. Florida is nice but I love Ohio. If I move back there someday, I'm going to live somewhere near the countryside again. I miss those rolling hills. Florida may have a hill somewhere in this state, I just haven't found it yet. Flat as a pancake.

Today I will stop working long enough to make a pumpkin pie and mashed potatoes. I am not doing the whole feast this time, but will at Christmas. My Tgiving is going to be a roasted chicken from my local grocery store, which is really good (and cheap). How I wish my Thanksgiving was like the Rockwell picture (above), with family all around. Truth is, my family is tiny and we live so far away from one another. They are with me in my heart, though and when we can see eachother, we will. To me, THAT will be my real Thanksgiving. Until then, it's work, a little good food and two purring cats to help me with the leftovers :)

One cat who isn't afraid of the Roomba! hehe

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Now I've Seen Everything

Some marine biologists apparently have a little too much time on their hands, hehe. Now, for your useless bandwidth viewing pleasure is...a shrimp on a treadmill. It's about time that little crustacean slacker got a little exercise :) Move those swimmerets!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Congratulations, President Barack Obama!

Do the "Dance of Joy"

The elections are over, and everyone I know is celebrating, including me. Our candidate, Barack Obama is the next President of the United States! It is really exciting to know that we will have a leader who looks out for the middle class. Hopefully, he will restore this nation to its once dignified and respected status.

On a sad note, Sarah Palin, we will miss your folky interviews and skits on SNL. I sure wouldn't have wanted to be a female politician in such a race. A tough thing to do, and now you can go back to Alaska and be done with it all.

I think John McCain is a good man and wish him well. He did his best, and loves his country. If he wasn't up against such a strong opponent, he may have had a chance. Give yourself time to relax after this crazy race, you sure do deserve it.

As for the rest of us, we can all take a break from election mayhem. What a race. It was the best one I've ever been involved with.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Cats for Obama


Kitty biting on Bush's head

Here's a few feline Barack Obama supporters, courtesy of Cats for Obama at:

Monday, November 03, 2008

Election Day Eve..Drawing and Waiting

It's a gorgeous day here in Florida, cool and perfect. I am working on a poster illustration as I watch the political frenzy on CNN. Pundits wonder who would win if Hillary Clinton won against Sarah Palin. Geez, that is desperate, that's no contest. Hillary would and should win. One guy wrote in and said to the guy who thought this comparison up, "You're a sick and twisted man. Go lie down." LOL My sentiments exactly. Sarah Palin is likeable but in NO WAY an intellectual or political match against Hillary. The thought of it is absurd.

Meanwhile, the candidates are making their last minute speeches all over. Barack Obama is doing his campaigning while inwardly mourning the loss of his grandmother. He is one strong, cool character, good for him. She is surely in heaven looking down at him and is proud of all that he's done. Thank goodness he got to see her before she died (about a week ago). Apparently she died of cancer in her sleep. May she rest in peace. And, may Barack Obama get some rest once this campaining push is over! I don't know how McCain does it either, all that travel and everything at an older age! Good for him. All the coffee in the world wouldn't give me that kind of energy.

I think that when this election is finally decided (please, folks..NO hanging chads like last time!!) there should be a national, week-long "siesta" mandated by the government for everyone. Just stop everything and sleep in. Things have just been spinning too fast for everyone for awhile now. I feel lucky to be able to be on the at a distance but watching the mayhem. Life is good, but will be better if Obama wins! According to CNN, Dick Cheney's hometown supports Obama, LOL!
See it here:

Sunday, November 02, 2008

The Race Heats Up

This is one of the funniest SNL skits, which was aired last night on the show:

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Fluffy gets his 15 minutes of fame...see him on CNN at:

Using my hands all the time like I do (drawing, painting and clicking the computer mouse especially) has finally taken its toll on me. I've pulled up lame, lol, so to speak. The tendons in my right wrist have gotten mad and become very swollen, OUCH, shooting pain up the side of my arm. I've been careful to respect the carpal tunnels in my hands, knowing people in the past who actually had surgeries to fix those things. This is wrist tendonitis, in other words, overuse of the hand makes your wrist swell up. The answer, don't use your hand, keep it steady (don't bend or flex, hold strait), ice packs (keep 'em coming), and aspirin. Some have surgeries on the hand for this but no way. If taken care of properly, it heals. So, I'm respecting the wrist and am holding off from much use of it while it repairs itself. Here's more information on tendonitis:

So, I'm kicking back, checking my internet art sales, watching the Ghost Hunters marathon (great show) on SciFi Channel and cruising the net with my left hand. I just ordered a wrist splint off, to keep this from happening again in the future. I'm VERY careful of my hands, so if I can get this, anyone can. No big deal, it will heal and life goes on. Like the bad back I had last year, it pays to learn how to not repeat mistsakes that lead up to orthopedic situations. From the age of forty onwards it has been important to preserve these things..darn it. I feel like a kid but have the body of a middle aged woman. Here's to fighting aging any way possible! The back is doing fine now, and the hand will be ok, too. An overdue, body-enforced "vacation"!

Oh yeah, today is Halloween...Happy Halloween, everyone!. There aren't any children in this development so I'm pretty sure there won't be any trick-or-treaters tonight. If anyone shows up, I'll give them a few cookies (baked some last night). myspace graphic comments

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Remember Terry Tate? LOL

I didn't until I saw this! If you don't then this will refresh your memory, this is too funny.

I think we need to unleash Terry Tate in the current White House administration. Fifty points for a Bush tackle, a hundred for a Cheney takedown :D

The original Terry Tate Reebok commercial:

Bill Clinton Hits it Out of the Ballpark

An excellent speech by Bill Clinton here in Florida last night. Compare Clinton's speeches to George Bush's and McCain's. Big difference. He gets to the point and gives examples. Who cares about Clinton's past indescretions. He knew how to run this country, Bush knew how to bring it down. Rock that vote, Bill!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Funny Political Cartoons

Since the Presidential Election is only days away, and it's turned into a slugfest of words and insanity.. it's only fitting to add some humorous political stuff found on the internet, especially (of course) SNL and the talented cartoonists at

This is one non-stop political free-for-all at this point on Florida television. Living in a highly influential area of Florida, the "corridor" that politicians and the media are centered upon, it's a hotbed of signs, potshots and mayhem. Fascinating. I've got a pot of coffee brewed, CNN on tv and am watching the whole thing as I work. With a true life cast of characters like Joe the Plumber, McCain and Palin, who needs movies, sitcoms, soaps and the like?! Nobody could write a plot this engaging, or make this stuff up.

The absentee ballot is going in the mail tonight and I'm watching Barack Obama's half hour advertisement on tv later on. I'm just going with the flow and watching the fireworks fly. When this is over, Florida will be piled deep in campaign signs and everyone is going to be dazed and confused. Life as usual, what is that?? I'll be celebrating, though, if Barack Obama wins. He is intelligent, cool headed and focused..excellent attributes for the leader of the free world. Just ask Colin Powell, a Republican, the New York Times and just about everyone else. It'll probably be a very close race though, so till then, I'm watching..

Saturday, October 25, 2008

SNL Did it Again, More Funny Political Skits

Here's another one:

Keep it up, SNL, this has to be the funniest election ever. Saturday Night Live is really going to miss certain politicians when the Presidential election is over.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Remembering My Blackie

Today I worked on a comforting music playlist for my Pet Grief Support Group home page. I started the group awhile ago and it now has nearly 500 members, all hurting from the loss of a pet. I compiled a bunch of songs that are hopefully helpful to them, and posted it on the site's page:

A year ago, I lost my precious Blackie about ths time, the furry little love of my life. His ashes sit in an urn here on my desk. A tugging pain is still inside me at hs loss but through help of friends and starting this group, I'm as good as I can be. It's comforting to know he's with me in spirit, somewhere. Blackie was more human than cat in many ways. My parents and friends were always blown away by how much he loved me, followed me everywhere and was inconsolable when I went on trips. He loved food, all food, even ice. He loved Starbucks Caramel Frappucinos. If he'd been human, he'd have been a food critic or connoisseur. I'm thinking of you, my little buddy, and miss you very much!!!

It's dark and slightly rainy here in Florida, which is great. I love rainy days. The wind is blowing into my condo and it's cool. This is the beginning of cooler temperatures down here in Florida, my favorite time of year. The cats sit in the windows, glad to have them open so they can smell the great outdoors. I give them love and support so they never again know neglect or abuse. They came from abusive situations, and are survivors. I do my best to lead a peaceful life. No fighting, screaming, craziness or drama. Just peace, unless Beau decides to let loose with one of his spontaneous cat operas (usually in the middle of the night). Hehe.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Holiday gift ideas for animal and garden lovers

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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Here's to Old Friends and Fun Times Together

Today I watched "Sex in the City" movie on Pay per View. I never saw the series before but the movie caught me up on who these women were and what they did. I guess it never appealed to me because Jimmy Choos and haute couture are way out of my price range, and I've never lived in New York city (just upstate during college, which is vastly different). I appreciate shopping, culture and class, but never liked Sushi or freaky hats. Still, this movie was great. It turned out to be more down to earth than I thought it would be and more relatable than expected. Who knew?!

Thinking back to my twenties and thirties, those carefree days of shopping mania, dressing up, going out and having fun with friends more than being serious about hard work, it was a whole lot of fun. I miss my Ohio female friends, like sisters to me, and the impromptu breakfasts at Perkins Pancakes at 2am (after going dancing at our favorite restaurant/nightclub, "Bomber", aka 100th Bomb Group). Linda Yee is like a sister to me, hopefully she'll get down here to Florida for a visit sometime. My moving away took me away from my great friends, the price paid for being adventurous and sometimes overly independent.

Now, my life is more grounded, focused hard on my business and that's ok. In the back of my mind, I'd like to get my old friends down here and go out to dinner, clubs and Sunday brunch. All of us have moved away, gotten married or other things. I never lost caring for any of my real friends, and will look up some when I visit Cleveland sometime. Boyfriends and husbands came and went, a mix of good and bad, but female friends were always a given. Watching this movie reminded me of those old times.

Today, in Florida's laid back atmosphere, dressing up is less necessary. I prefer shopping online to going to malls most of the time. It's less of a priority at this point, but the shopping gene is still there. My hair or nails aren't done as often as in earlier days but it's ok. It's kind of relaxing to just be in a natural environment, yet still big city in feel. My conquests now are taking great animal photos, finding new and interesting restaurants and attractions and just relaxing near the ocean. Still, that inner "wild child" is there. My brain isn't wired to feel older, that's no fun :) My friends are the same. Whenever work permits and it's safer to travel, it'll be time to travel abroad again - back to visit Mexico, England and hopefully Europe. Life is for living to the fullest. Sometimes it means working really hard, and others it means playing hard. I've been fortunate enough to be able to do both, and for that I'm grateful.

If you get a chance, see "Sex in the City". It may surprise you. It's not just about fashion and buying stuff. And, like me, it may spark great memories of fun times in days gone by with great friends.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

A Little of This and That

Beau, my furry little helper, sound asleep on my desk.

Wednesday, October 9

The weather here in Florida is beginning to cool down, and it only gets better from here. Today I turned off the AC and opened all the windows, it was great having a breeze and not being blasted with thick, hot air. The lake is peaceful and calm here, and now with the windows open, I can hear the birds sing and feel the breeze. The cats sat in the windows, watching the critters on the lake. Now that we moved to this condo, this lake is better than the other due to I can see right into this lake. The old place had a spectacular view but there was a drop so I couldn't see the shoreline up close. This is much better. We don't have alligators at our lake, just lots of turtles and birds of different kinds. I saw two smallish egrets, one blule and one white, doing a mating dance right in front of my window! There was no time to get the camera, but it was just like something out of National Geographic. They butted eachother in the chests and hopped/flied up and down. Amazing. I'm keeping my camera next to the picture windows there so I can get a shot if by some miracle it happens again. I love Florida, wildlife in Ohio never did anything like this.

Still, I miss Ohio, the beautiful fall season, going for cider at the fruit farm my parents always go to, maple syrup festivals, things like that. Down here there's parties, festivals and concerts everywhere, at all times. It's nice but how I'd like to get back to Cleveland and go to a Michael Stanley Band concert (I doubt the band is still together but I always liked them in my younger years.) I may be older somewhat but not in spirit. I'm stil the big kid who likes adventure and rock music. The Eagles are coming here, and I plan on going to that concert. Great band.

I'm working on a bunch of drawings as I watch tv and talk to people. On CNN, reporters analyze and then re-analyze last night's Presidential candidate debate. Obama did great, McCain came across as unfriendly, and was clearly out to make Barack Obama look bad. He didn't, of course, but he did make himself look like a whiner by ragging on him so much. Obama took the high road, not letting him get to him. At the end it was interesting how the Obamas stayed and shook hands with the public, while the McCains got the heck out of there fast. Cindy McCain stood there looking uncomfortable, with her arms clasped behind her back so she didn't have to shake anyones' hands. McCain himself shook a few hands but not many, and kind of avoided being in the middle of the crowd. It was nice to see the Obamas relate with everyone. They care, and show it. This is no time to be elitist with the public, so no wonder Obama won the debate in the end. It's fascinating, and history in the making.

Now I'm watching Nancy Grace slice and dice that notorious mother, Casey Anthony. I hope she goes to prison and stays there, since that poor little girl Kaylie seems to be deceased by now. How could a mother be homicidal against her own child. It's beyond comprehension. This girl was out partying after Kaylie disappeared. Wrong on sooo many levels. Put her in jail with OJ, and throw away the key. My two cents.

In order to be a little healthier about snacking, I tried something that actually turned out really good...Cheesecake flavored yogurt. Instead of buying a tiny little yoplait for some insane price, I buy the large size carton of Dannon Nonfat Vanilla. This time I stirred in a package of Jello Cheesecake filling (in the pudding mix section) and it tastes like cheesecake but without a big, fattening block of cream cheese. Only God knows what's in the mix but a little packet flavors an entire container, good for a weeks' worth of fairly healthy snacking. It's a good thing.

Back to work on this drawing now, with coffee in hand,


Saturday, October 04, 2008

Animal Lovers Blog Carnival October Edition

Welcome to the October 6, 2008 edition of Animal Lovers Carnival.

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That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of
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Friday, October 03, 2008

Political Stuff Found on the Net :D

If you like this flow chart, then get it on a t-shirt at:
(The very clever folks who came up with it in the first place.) Why can't I think stuff like this up for my shirts??!

Monday, September 08, 2008

A Look Back at SNL Political Humor

Saturday Night Live put out so many hilarious election-related skits, but this is one of my favorites. Dana Carvey as Ross Perot and Phil Hartman as his running mate, James Stockdale. It's a classic:

And now, a word from Saturday Night Live..(fake commercial)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Cute cat cartoon

Check out this cartoon by Simon Tofield that I found on YouTube. Cat lovers will relate to it for sure. Too cute.

And this one, also by Simon, is my favorite:

Here's another one, soooo true to cat behavior:

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tribute to the wise and amazing Randy Pausch 1960 - 2008

Randy Pausch was a special and positive person whom I've never met but his wisdom touches me. I attended Carnegie Mellon University long ago, taking summer art courses, but never met him. He was a professor there, but later on. He was only a few years older than me. Randy is the author and star of the video the "Last Lecture", giving bits of wisdom on life and keeping postiive through hard times. He died a few days ago from Pancreatic Cancer after a long and brave fight. Rest in peace, Mr.Pausch, and God bless your family. Watching his lectures helps us to never take life for granted, ever.

Here is his lecture on "Achieving Your Childhood Dreams"

Monday, July 28, 2008

My interview for Cafe Press Shopkeeper Spotlight

Recently, I was interviewed by Cafe Press, as a shopkeeper, for their Shopkeeper Spotlight column. If you're curious, check it out here:

It's been a busy month, moving and adjusting to my lovely new place. It was a very successful move and I'm now back to producing designs for my shirts once again. It's a better life all the way around. This place is like home, and is double the size of my old place.

The kitchen is a dream come true. There are so many cabinets (all new and spacious)and a lovely pantry. The attached solarium is full of natural light, for my orchids who reside there. The cats sit on the chair next to the plants, to watch the nature out back at the lake. Those windows are a never ending source of cat entertainment for sure.

I walked to the grocery store for the first time the other day, and it was pleasant. The neighborhood is quiet, surrounded by a fence, and very private. Flowers are everywhere, and there weren't any people to be seen, anywhere. Perfect, quiet and peaceful. Many live up north and keep these condos as their winter homes, making it extra quiet for us residents. I loved my old place, but this is so much better in almost every way. And stores are so close, that makes everything so much easier for me. Walk to the store, then take a taxi home, costing a whole $2.50 in fares. Life is good.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Move is Nearly Complete

After much insanity and craziness, moving is complete, except for putting everything where it needs to go in my lovely new place. I had to hire movers two times, due to the first one (a well known national chain that uses a kids' design as a logo) had a thief in their ranks who stole a guitar and the stand to hold it! A police report was made and they refunded my money as I found a second mover, this time someone very reputable (Knights movers out of New Port Richey, Florida)who were amazing, professional and quick! It pays to have good movers, because the bad ones have easy access to all your stuff, and they can go slow as molasses to make the time drag out. Word to the wise, make sure your mover is bonded, insured and is registered with the Better Business Bureau.

Anyways, after all that happened, the apartment is lovely and more like "home" than the previous place, whose claim to fame was an amazing view, but lacked in square footage and no dishwasher. I have a kitchen full of new appliances now, including a powerful dishwasher, so life is great. I'm doing lots of laundry in my new washer and dryer, and the cats are watching the birds and creatures out back from the big windows. They are very happy here, and walk around the place, probably amazed at how big it is. Beau runs and plays more here, it's funny watching him be a kitten again.

One good thing about all of this is that moving has helped me exercise my back enough to be stronger. Recuperating from a herniated disk and sciatica last year, I felt like my back had been weak..well, not anymore. Now that I treat it with more respect, I didn't overdo it and was careful to stop when I felt any pain. It worked, my spine made it through without damage. Woohoo!

I will make one more trip to the old apartment to do a few last things, then I'm turning in my keys and that stress is over with forever. Moving was a good idea, this condo is close to practically every store and restaurant I need and like. This will be great for going out with friends, too. My landlords are kind, nature lovers so I cannot ask for better. Life is good.

Check out these cute kittens playing like rock stars..

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Moving Day

In a few hours, the movers will be coming, along with some of my friends. Pretty much everything is packed so I can sit back and let the movers do their thing. The cats are fascinated by all the boxes and stuff, piled high. They keep walking around and inspecting everything. As for me, I'm both exhausted and excited. A new and better place, with great landlords and proximity to everything, so driving won't be necessary.

Last night I gave my egret and seagull buddies out back the last of my granola bars. They chowed them down, happily. My orchid plants are ready for their move, spending a last few hours out on the balcony. Outside, a small but brave bird is chasing an osprey out of the area. I'll miss this lake but gain new critters at a new, smaller one.

There's a lot of mildew inside the walls here, has been from when I moved in. I didn't notice how much, though, until moving boxes in the back of my closet, where I found a foot long spot of it. Yuck. No wonder I've sneezed and itched more than normal here. Good riddance to that, and hello apartment that is mold free.

I'm taking a break from the madness, to get my rest before things start getting crazy around here.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Life is Good Again

I've decided against staying in my current apartment, having gotten too good a deal to pass up with the new place, and plan to move after all. This evening I am packing, getting ready, now that my mind is made up. What a difference a day makes. Yesterday I was planning to stay, but the new place is much bigger and more affordable, so I'm being practical about it and letting go of the familiar. My new office space will be great, it is sunny, actually an enclosed sun porch, which I will share with my many orchid plants. The cats will no doubt play "cat of the jungle" in them as I work.

Moving is a pain, so when I'm done, I'm staying a long time. The owners are wonderful and I will enjoy being their tenant (unlike the staff here which is generally uptight). As for my current apartment, for a place with no dishwasher and a smaller, apartment sized oven, management needn't be so haughty. It's elegant here but small and lacking. No wonder so many people have left. The parking lot is nearly empty. The new place will be much larger, with many more amenities (many closets, a pantry and large kitchen, sunroom, pond, dining room, huge bedroom and big, new windows everywhere) and is close to everything. I will be able to walk to a quality grocery store, Starbucks and malls, while living in total peace and quiet. It will be a wonderful day when the move is over. Tomorrow I'll see about hiring movers. They will earn their money walking down the loooong corridor it takes to get to my place, after walking stairs. The new place is right in front of the elevator, perfect.

Life is too short to live in places that aren't right for you. I will miss the big lake but will gain a smaller one, with critters to watch too. It's kind of exciting, and scary at the same time, but I'm ready for the change. More later.

Here is a great song by my favorite artist of days gone by..the amazing Billy Joel.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

To Move, or Not to Move..

My lease is up soon and my serene lifestyle at this lakeside apartment complex may be coming to an end. The rent is high to begin with, and now there is new management, who came in like bulldozers, raising rent even higher and being mean to the tenants. We are being bombarded with rude notes, stating rules that weren't there before, and warnings of various kinds - bulk messages sent to everyone, letting us all know who is in charge (among the aparment gestapo - an anal young woman with a huge chip on her shoulder and a large power complex). For this kind of money or less, I can find a better place, without the apartment dictatorship. Most rental agents are polite and want to help. Not this one. She obviously doesn't like herself or anyone else very much. What is this world coming to, geez. They hate old cars, are kicking those with dogs out, etc, etc. So much for a peaceful environment.

I found a potential new place, with a lake behind it,more square footage, convience to stores and the beach, and nice management. This holiday weekend I've been busy weighing what to do. This coming week I will make a decision and act on it. It's all a matter of money. I use my car less these days, so living in walking distance to a major grocery store would be a big plus. Plus, there's a great place for my studio office, with light, windows and room to move. Quiet neighbors and nice owners. It just may work. I have to decide soon, as I haven't paid rent for this month at this place. Hiring a mover and paying rent at the other place would be more to my liking, if (the big if), I can get a lot of items moved without breaking the bank. I have a lot of stuff and a back that can no longer handle heavy lifting. My last move nearly destroyed my spine and caused sciatica, so now I know better.

Either way, the cats will be happy. The new place has critters to watch, from turtles to ducks and egrets. There's no patio but many windows. All my orchids (currently residing on my balcony) would have to live indoors. Moving is a pain. Do I want to do this to myself or suffer through the new dictatorship (I mean management) who has taken over my formerly peaceful complex? Decisions, decisions.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Found This on Flikr site

Here's a little test I found on Flikr. Knowing I'd probably score low once I saw the questions, I took it and scored "Poor". A friend of mind did even worse, but it was good for a laugh or two. It just shows how Womens' Lib has come far since the 1930's. Check it out here:


As a 1930s wife, I am

Take the test!

Monday, June 09, 2008

The Cats of Two Purring Cats Studio

My furry companions accompany me whenever I'm working. Fluffy lays on the floor next to my chair, and Beau is in the middle of my work, or wedged with me on my recliner. The foot rest is all his ahd he lays on it as if it were his throne. He especially looks good on the desk chair:

I turned that pic into a poster while fiddling around on a fake magazine making program:

When I bought my electric guitar a few years ago, Fluffy took a liking to laying on it if I left it out. He's a big, furry cat and looks like a natural next to one. Here's him laying on it, I did NOT pose him..

Fluffy is a macho boy, who hates exercise and enjoys watching tv, and eating. He used to be the neighborhood playboy cat until I domesticated and de-flead him. Now he enjoys the good life indoors in the air conditioning.

Beau was rescued from being euthanized a few states away at a local dog pound. The owners had him declawed and then abandoned him because he was deaf. He's a beautiful and sweet cat, and was rescued by a pet foster care agency in Tennessee. I found him on which is a wonderful place to find quality animals. They brought him to me, and he is now happy and keeping Fluffy on his toes. They have sort of this love-hate relationship. If Fluffy gets too close to me, the "Beau alarm" goes off, and he sounds an ear piercing, "woo!" Can't we all just get along? :)

I work all the time, and I do mean all the time. It's great to see friends, but these guys are with me when people around me come and go. I wouldn't have it any other way.

If you want to see more about Fluffy or Beau, they have their own webpages here on this cute site for cat owners and friends:


Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Making this Blog Easier to Load

To lighten the load computers have to bear when bringing up this page, I took off the YouTube videos for now. I will add more later in other posts until they slow loading of the page again, then they, too will be taken off. It's fun having them on, but too much of a good thing could crash a computer.

Things are a little tight right now. What I wouldn't give for an all out, no-holds barred shopping spree to buy stuff I dont' need but really want. I miss buying girly stuff like loads of new clothes, being pampered at the spa and other fun stuff. And, a fork and a frosting flower covered sheet cake sure would be great when all I eat these days is health food. I want to go nuts and throw caution to the wind, but in the end, I behave myself. Every now and then, I splurge, but not nearly often enough.

I'm busy drawing like crazy and searching the net far and wide for ideas on promoting my sites better. It's a puzzle to figure out,and I plan on cracking the code of online prosperity on my own, without falling prey to the many, many online scams trying to sell me marketing stuff. It's a big job wading through the internet muck and finding the right sites to self-promote. I'm still at it, stubborn about it as ever.

It's a lovely day in Florida, the sun is out and there's a gentle breeze. It's hot, but I'm indoors, in the air conditioning. I opened up the patio doors to the cats to see if they wanted to go outside, but they're no dummies. They turned around and went back indoors, once that blast of hot air from outdoors hit them. They enjoy nature from the picture windows. For example, see Beau on top of his cat tree, basking in cat luxury as I work tirelessly to give him this view:

All is well. I just need to figure out this SEO thing to make the most of internet advertising. I have so much to learn. One step at a will be done. There is gold somewhere at the end of the rainbow..just ask Starbucks (see below).

Free Credit Report's really funny.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

My Site is Being Featured on TShirtLegends blogsite

As a separate post from the Blog Carnival posted today, check out this great blog site, who gave me the honor of being featured there. It has interesting shirts, and of course, check my link on there, too!

Here is some of my newest merchandise on my site, :

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A show called "Cheaters"

Here in the United States, we sure do have our share of "reality television." I watch some of it, especially those that are less "staged" than others. Take the series, Cheaters, for example. When someone suspects that their spouse or romantic partner isn't being faithful to them and have reasons to suspect, they call Cheaters. If selected, a crew of television people and private investigators seek to either prove or disprove that the potential cheater is being true to their mate or not. With video cameras, they record evidence if something is wrong, then show the worried partner what is going on. Then, with camera crew, host Joey Greco and the disgruntled spouse/significant other, they confront the cheater and his or her new partner, usually at a restaurant or at home, when they least expect it.

When you feel lousy about life, just watch this show, and it will make your problems seem very small in comparison. I'm not one for violence, just for justice. And, having had a cheating ex or two in my past, it's nice to know that some of the dishonest and shifty ones actually do get caught. Then, maybe they learn (or not).

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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Another Day in Paradise

Catching up on the latest tv internet coverage of what's happening in Pittsburgh, where I lived before Florida, to my total shock,there was my ex-boyfriend, who regrettably made the tv news. I never regretted leaving the man, who had a long list of big problems, disguised as a businessman. Now, here he was,being interviewed by a reporter for turning in his daughter (from a previous relationship before me) for robbing a gas station dressed as a ninja, complete with sword and dagger! Now, I've heard of everything. I hope she gets help while incarcerated, she was such a nice little girl before coming to live with him.

Far away from that madness, I relax here on my lake, it's a beautiful day and my orchids are blooming like crazy outside. I just got a few more orchids at a flower show, and they make my patio look like a subtropical wonderland. It's getting hotter down here in Florida, so I'm keeping cool here inside.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Our Economy Needs More Stimulation That Just a Check

I've been doing ok despite the disasterous economy due to Bush and his horrible presidency. Up in Cleveland, my parents are hanging in there, too, thank goodness. It will be great when Bush is out and someone else - anyone will do, practically - takes over the White House.

I've cut back on groceries, and don't drive since taxis are cheap and plentiful here. Buying in bulk has helped me weather this financial storm that has caused many families to lose their homes, sell family heirlooms to put food on the table, etc. Meanwhile, Bush says nothing's wrong. He actually went on a game show, and made some joke about the economy there, how stupid and tactless is that?? And, I really don't care that his daughter wrote a book, or that she's making wedding plans. Spare us all, the US has more important things to worry about, like basic survival.

We've been in a recession, big-time, though Washington won't admit it. They just spin propoganda to try to cover it up. It's like trying to put a Band-Aid on a broken leg, it doesn't help. Governmental fat cats feel nothing, since they're rich and aren't affected by the money crunch. What has happened to our government, yikes. I'm not political, but this is crazy. I feel fortunate that our family isn't suffering. It affects us somewhat - prices are too high for me to want to fly and see my folks, or drive. Too expensive. There, I'm off my soap box. It just saddens me to see such problems and suffering in our country. Bring back Bill Clinton, he did a good job, despite the Lewinsky thing. Go Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama! Either would do just fine. That's my two cents. Oh, and this..

Monday, April 28, 2008

Cat Cafes of Tokyo, Japan

Today I was reading online news stories and came across this one, about the cat cafes of Tokyo, Japan:

What an interesting idea. People having their coffee and spending time with cats, who entertain them just by hanging around and amusing themselves. This would be a great way to give homeless cats a place to live and be cared about, and give those without pets a chance to interact with them. Ok, it's not for everyone but according to the article, the premises are kept spotlessly clean. Also, there's a "no tail-pulling" mandate, and kids aren't allowed for that reason. Interesting. A serene atmosphere of animal appreciation, coffee and tea. It's a good thing.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

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I've been hard at work drawing and painting for customers and for my own projects. See some of my work on the above link. Without Starbucks, delivery food and endless energy, I'd never get this much work done. It's like an art factory over here. I love my job, and don't care how many hours it takes. It's all in a day's fun, that pays.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

A day of photography and slacking off

Today, I sat outside and took a bunch of pictures, with my cat, Beau by my side. It felt good taking a break from drawing, but sometimes its necessary to keep the that creativity groove flowing. Here's a few photos from a day of photo relaxation.

My cat Beau, bird watching. Big cat of the orchid jungle.

This is Elvis the Muscovy duck. He and his ladies live in the bushes nearby and visit every day for whatever food they can get.

A dock on my lake, a favorite hangout for herons, storks and egrets.

My orchids in bloom at the moment. I have a bunch and they all flower at different times of the year. I got lucky this time, when some bloomed together.