Thursday, October 09, 2008

A Little of This and That

Beau, my furry little helper, sound asleep on my desk.

Wednesday, October 9

The weather here in Florida is beginning to cool down, and it only gets better from here. Today I turned off the AC and opened all the windows, it was great having a breeze and not being blasted with thick, hot air. The lake is peaceful and calm here, and now with the windows open, I can hear the birds sing and feel the breeze. The cats sat in the windows, watching the critters on the lake. Now that we moved to this condo, this lake is better than the other due to I can see right into this lake. The old place had a spectacular view but there was a drop so I couldn't see the shoreline up close. This is much better. We don't have alligators at our lake, just lots of turtles and birds of different kinds. I saw two smallish egrets, one blule and one white, doing a mating dance right in front of my window! There was no time to get the camera, but it was just like something out of National Geographic. They butted eachother in the chests and hopped/flied up and down. Amazing. I'm keeping my camera next to the picture windows there so I can get a shot if by some miracle it happens again. I love Florida, wildlife in Ohio never did anything like this.

Still, I miss Ohio, the beautiful fall season, going for cider at the fruit farm my parents always go to, maple syrup festivals, things like that. Down here there's parties, festivals and concerts everywhere, at all times. It's nice but how I'd like to get back to Cleveland and go to a Michael Stanley Band concert (I doubt the band is still together but I always liked them in my younger years.) I may be older somewhat but not in spirit. I'm stil the big kid who likes adventure and rock music. The Eagles are coming here, and I plan on going to that concert. Great band.

I'm working on a bunch of drawings as I watch tv and talk to people. On CNN, reporters analyze and then re-analyze last night's Presidential candidate debate. Obama did great, McCain came across as unfriendly, and was clearly out to make Barack Obama look bad. He didn't, of course, but he did make himself look like a whiner by ragging on him so much. Obama took the high road, not letting him get to him. At the end it was interesting how the Obamas stayed and shook hands with the public, while the McCains got the heck out of there fast. Cindy McCain stood there looking uncomfortable, with her arms clasped behind her back so she didn't have to shake anyones' hands. McCain himself shook a few hands but not many, and kind of avoided being in the middle of the crowd. It was nice to see the Obamas relate with everyone. They care, and show it. This is no time to be elitist with the public, so no wonder Obama won the debate in the end. It's fascinating, and history in the making.

Now I'm watching Nancy Grace slice and dice that notorious mother, Casey Anthony. I hope she goes to prison and stays there, since that poor little girl Kaylie seems to be deceased by now. How could a mother be homicidal against her own child. It's beyond comprehension. This girl was out partying after Kaylie disappeared. Wrong on sooo many levels. Put her in jail with OJ, and throw away the key. My two cents.

In order to be a little healthier about snacking, I tried something that actually turned out really good...Cheesecake flavored yogurt. Instead of buying a tiny little yoplait for some insane price, I buy the large size carton of Dannon Nonfat Vanilla. This time I stirred in a package of Jello Cheesecake filling (in the pudding mix section) and it tastes like cheesecake but without a big, fattening block of cream cheese. Only God knows what's in the mix but a little packet flavors an entire container, good for a weeks' worth of fairly healthy snacking. It's a good thing.

Back to work on this drawing now, with coffee in hand,


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