Friday, February 27, 2009

The Studio has Made Zazzle Pro Seller Status

I got an email from Zazzle today, telling me that my store there has reached Pro Seller Status...woohoo! It feels good to see all the hard work paying off!

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Monday, February 09, 2009

My Article on CNN

Today I got a phone call from a producer from CNN regarding an article I'd written. I nearly fell over as I was being interviewed, for the network. They were really nice and it's slated to be on tv (doing the "dance of joy" over here.)

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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

New Merchandise of Mine on Zazzle

A Cold Night in Florida

The back of the Popcorn Shop in Chagrin Falls, my hometown in Ohio

I love this weather, it's actually cold outside! Being from Ohio, I really appreciate cool weather now that it's not common down here in southwestern Florida. I get to pull out my sweaters and jackets from my closets and actually wear them! Life is good.

The poor strawberry farmers, though, don't appreciate the lower temps. They are worried about their crops, of course, as strawberries are in season and the last thing the farmers need are damaged produce. It's all over the news here, everyone has their fingers crossed that it won't frost here. The colder temps go more inland than Pinellas county, where I am. The farmers live inland mostly, and that is where it has a better chance of actually freezing. I went out to Plant City once, where they grow practially everything commercially. It is beautiful out there, just endless rows of produce growing for miles. There's a huge strawberry festival held out there every year that brings people from miles around. One of these years I'll actually go, it's kind of far from me but worth the trip, I hear from Floridian friends.

So, tonight I'm slacking off of working on artwork, after a day of working on this computer. I'm watching Ghost Hunters, an interesting show I never miss where they go into all kinds of old buildings and look for paranormal phenomenona. It's kind of funny to watch, especially when someone freaks out, sparking the rest of the crew to do the same at times. Better them than me. When I was in Mexico, I remember there were strong beliefs in the paranormal there. I saw a lady bless a newly opened store with a fluttering chicken (which was unhurt just waved around) and smoky burning stuff. I know nothing about all of this but it was interesting to watch, they said they were trying to ward off bad spirits or luck by doing that. It's interesting to observe.

My cat Beau is sleeping on my ankles. Being a southern cat, he gets cold easier than Fluffy and I do (we're both from Cleveland). Whenever it's cold, I can guarantee Beau is going to wedge his cute self up against me to keep "warm", even if the temperatures in here are totally perfect, it's around 75 indoors here, according to my thermostat. No humidity, no bugs. If Florida was this way all the time, I'd really love it. As it stands, we'll start to roast in a few months. One of these days I may move a little more north, to get seasons again but not the severity of my Ohio hometown. Time will tell.

Beautiful Amish country in central Ohio

A video for animal lovers, this is really sweet. A cat and deer make friends.