Monday, July 07, 2008

Life is Good Again

I've decided against staying in my current apartment, having gotten too good a deal to pass up with the new place, and plan to move after all. This evening I am packing, getting ready, now that my mind is made up. What a difference a day makes. Yesterday I was planning to stay, but the new place is much bigger and more affordable, so I'm being practical about it and letting go of the familiar. My new office space will be great, it is sunny, actually an enclosed sun porch, which I will share with my many orchid plants. The cats will no doubt play "cat of the jungle" in them as I work.

Moving is a pain, so when I'm done, I'm staying a long time. The owners are wonderful and I will enjoy being their tenant (unlike the staff here which is generally uptight). As for my current apartment, for a place with no dishwasher and a smaller, apartment sized oven, management needn't be so haughty. It's elegant here but small and lacking. No wonder so many people have left. The parking lot is nearly empty. The new place will be much larger, with many more amenities (many closets, a pantry and large kitchen, sunroom, pond, dining room, huge bedroom and big, new windows everywhere) and is close to everything. I will be able to walk to a quality grocery store, Starbucks and malls, while living in total peace and quiet. It will be a wonderful day when the move is over. Tomorrow I'll see about hiring movers. They will earn their money walking down the loooong corridor it takes to get to my place, after walking stairs. The new place is right in front of the elevator, perfect.

Life is too short to live in places that aren't right for you. I will miss the big lake but will gain a smaller one, with critters to watch too. It's kind of exciting, and scary at the same time, but I'm ready for the change. More later.

Here is a great song by my favorite artist of days gone by..the amazing Billy Joel.

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