Sunday, June 28, 2009

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Rest in peace, stars

Today not one but two major stars died, both Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson. I'm not surprised about Farrah who had been gravely ill but Michael Jackson's death was a shock. Both of them were way too young, it's so sad. Recently Ed McMahon died too, all of them were total fixures on tv as I was growing up. May they all rest in peace.

It just goes to prove how fragile life really is and how we can't take even one day for granted. It appears cliche but it isn't, we must value the time we have on this earth since we never truly know how much we or our family members have. It's all about living life to the fullest, in whatever way works for us. For me it was travelling a lot in my twenties and thirties, now it's working hard and enjoying my pets, friends and family. Life has more meaning now than ever. It's scary to see people we all grew up with die, still we go on. Life sure does throw us curve-balls. I feel for the families of Farrah and Michael, who have to grieve in the public eye. Especially Ryan O'Neal and son Redmond. They suffered as Farrah fought for her life and now this. This is a sad day for not only the entertainment world but all who grew up seeing these familiar faces on tv. We all grieve.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Springtime in Northeast Ohio

Beau loves the new place. Here he waits for sun to hit a prism ball so he can chase the resulting rainbows.

Here he springs into action, pouncing on everything.

He's done chasing things (sunbeams went away) so he's catching up on some tv. Here he's watching Martha Stewart.

It's a gorgeous spring morning here in Ohio. Sparrows are chirping in the trees outside my place, they do this every day, as my cats watch with interest. The temperatures are so comfortable, not too hot or cold. Nothing beats northern Ohio in the warm months. I don't miss Florida at all, not one bit. Between high humidity, bugs and a large criminal population, where I was living was truly Hell on earth. How great it is not to need to deal with hurricanes anymore, as well. The cats, too, love the new, cooler climate. They are so much happier in every way. My parents come over frequently and give them lots of love, too, which they really like.

Today I go to a store that I used to go to weekly when I lived in Solon. It's been years since I lived in Ohio so it feels so good to get back to somewhat of the same routine, one I've craved for a long time. Marc's is a true Cleveland area institution, a store full of deep markdown items, all quality and most top name brand. These folks find closeout items that are worthy of buying, and offer them at amazing low prices. They even have a full grocery store along with other stuff, it's a wonderful place. After paying top dollar for everything in Florida (and not having easy access to good quality discount places) I am grateful to be back to what I know and love.

I think I'll go downstairs for a latte, it's addictive living above a really great coffee house. After a glorious morning of coffee and shopping I'll be paying bills and deep in computer code learning/writing purgatory so I'm enjoying myself to the fullest until then. An Amish buggy just went by my windows. They do that all the time, it's such a wonderful sound hearing horse hoofbeats go by.

I don't miss the city craziness at all. It's nice to live away from fast paced city but have easy access to it if needed. Computer and cable access make living further out possible for me now. Working hard isn't a chore but fun, why I work so incredibly hard all the time to draw and create. Taking time out for other stuff just recharges my energy, giving me momentum to do more. This is my calling in life, and nothing else makes me happier. Life is good.

Fluffy fell asleep watching sparrows here in my office.

Beau is King of the convection oven.