Monday, November 24, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving from TPC and me

It's almost time for Thanksgiving, so hopefully most of you are having short work weeks! I am working as ever, at my artwork, as this is the season for sales (even if the horrible economy is making that tough on us retailers, so far we are doing pretty good).

My mom and dad are up in Ohio, and will have turkey dinner with friends out in a beautiful area I used to ride horses at. There used to be a big stable called Red Raider out near Burton, in the rolling hills of the country near our old house. Now, the huge stable has been sold and all the land was made into luxury homes. Time moves on, I guess, but the homes are lovely. Their friends live on a lake there, so I am so glad they will have a great atmosphere and good friends to be with on the holiday. I'm homesick and wish I could be with them. Florida is nice but I love Ohio. If I move back there someday, I'm going to live somewhere near the countryside again. I miss those rolling hills. Florida may have a hill somewhere in this state, I just haven't found it yet. Flat as a pancake.

Today I will stop working long enough to make a pumpkin pie and mashed potatoes. I am not doing the whole feast this time, but will at Christmas. My Tgiving is going to be a roasted chicken from my local grocery store, which is really good (and cheap). How I wish my Thanksgiving was like the Rockwell picture (above), with family all around. Truth is, my family is tiny and we live so far away from one another. They are with me in my heart, though and when we can see eachother, we will. To me, THAT will be my real Thanksgiving. Until then, it's work, a little good food and two purring cats to help me with the leftovers :)

One cat who isn't afraid of the Roomba! hehe

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