Tuesday, January 10, 2017


Vacation time is near, time to prepare! It's a great time to leave Northeastern Ohio and get some sun. There's so much to do and as usual, my stress is through the roof but I'm handling it all one task at a time.

First of all, five tourists (rest in peace!) were killed by a mentally ill man a few days ago at the airport I'm going to. Luckily, he's in custody but those poor people! Tragedy and fear in a place that they expected to have fun. Life goes on. Life is a risk. I refuse to be discouraged, and will carry on as usual.

It will be wonderful to go exploring, snorkeling and taking photos of everything. Travel recharges the soul, and mine needs recharging! Being among nature makes me feel happy and excited, alive! I will dicker in the Caribbean markets for handmade crafts, have a few parasol drinks and lattes. Heaven.

First, I have to clean the house, in preparation for my house/pet sitters. Then, there's the packing. I am notorious for overpacking so I'm going to make sure whatever's going meets the airline and TSA requirements. So far, so good!

It will be great fun once there. I will be able to speak Spanish with those who speak it, eat Caribbean food and swim in crystal blue water, checking out some stunning coral reefs. My friend Angie is going too so we'll see as many sites as we can. We worked together long ago and she lives in another state, so it's great to have a "girls' trip" and catch up on what's been going on in our lives. Her kids are now grown men, when I last saw them they were young boys.. time flies!

So, here I am, drawing artwork right now. My business will hold its own while I'm away from it for the few days I'm gone. It's hard to rip myself away from routine and my cats but all is well. The cats will be fine. They won't be alone and will be in good hands. I expect to enjoy the view from the airplane window seat, forget normalcy and really let loose! Coming home with a nice tan will be a bonus!

So here we come, Caribbean islands! Get those Pina Coladas, fried plantains and sandy beaches ready, here come two "sisters from other mothers"!  We work hard..and play even harder. :)