Wednesday, May 20, 2009

We're Back in Ohio and Loving Every Minute of It

It's been over a week now that I've been living in beautiful, glorious Ohio again. I'm in the sub-suburbs where the air is fresh and nature is all around, but am 40 minutes from my parents and all the great shopping places, and only 15 minutes from my hometown of Chagrin Falls. I live in a small but elegant village called Burton, which is full of life and nice people. It's a total contrast to Pinellas County, Florida where I was living before. Gone are the unpleasant people, humidity, urban mayhem and oppressive heat. Living in the tropics is now fully out of my system. I need hills, low humidity and to be with friends and family. The cats love it up here, too. They smile and purr like I've never seen. It's bizarre to see animals react so clearly to a different environment like this. They actually smile now. Being long-haired, they both are surely glad to be away from Florida's humidity. It was so thick, even with air conditioning. Ohio is a wonderful place to live, even in the snow-belt. I'll take snow over Floridian heat and bugs any day.

View from the truck as I drove through the mountains of Virginia

My second cousin Marcia and third cousin Holly

I visited my lovely relatives as I drove north, and stayed two days with them. We had a great time and it was hard to leave.

Once in Ohio, a crew of really great Amish guys unloaded my truck for me. I'd give them a plug here online but they frown on that, so I can't (but would if I could). They were amazing, as were the amazing movers I had in Florida who packed up the truck for me. If you're in Florida and live in the Tampa Bay area, use Christos & Christos Movers at:

These guys are the most reliable, trustworthy movers I've ever had. After many lousy movers who damaged and/or stole stuff/tried to upcharge me and other nasty things, it was a huge pleasure and relief to have such professional, quick and friendly movers. Seriously, these guys are beyond five stars.

So now I'm here with my two cats back home, living in what I consider true paradise. There is a coffee house next door, and on the other side, a really cool diner that has festivals and activities that draw people from all over weekly. How good it feels to be in a safe place that has so much to offer.

Active maple sugar producing log cabin in Burton, OH

Beau (& Fluffy, not in pic) most definitely approve.