Sunday, January 16, 2011

A New Year at Two Purring Cats Studio

It's hard to believe it's actually January, 2011 already! After a busy and crazy holiday shopping season, it's now time for me to do a little shopping of my own for fun, take my parents out for a nice meal and then get back to work because this business doesn't run itself. Next up is the designing of a bunch of new patterns and designs for shoes, Apple iPhone and iPad cases and art posters. There are more items to design too but I just concentrate on a few styles at a time, it's easier that way.


A Note to Animal Lovers:

Part of being an artist and businessperson is giving back to causes I believe in, by helping to save the lives of shelter pets who desperately need homes. If you love animals, get on Facebook and "share" the many names of local and nationwide shelter animals that need help. Look up shelter names and see their photos, then re-post them..they are abondoned animals now stuck on death row, whose time is limited there. Facebook sharing has helped to get them adopted, it's very worthwhile.

The more people who see these animals, the better chance these dogs and cats have of being saved. Many times there are transport options available for bringing a pet from antother state, so ask the shelter or humane society if you see one that you want. Their little lives depend upon us. I have two rescued cats and my previous pets have been rescues too. This year, help us fight to find homes for so many who have none.