Saturday, May 04, 2013

May-Hem in the Heartland

I love Spring, lovely May is here, and the temperatures are wonderfully warm. I have been sleeping with slightly open windows for the last few nights now, and loving it. Life is good, even if a bit crazy here and there. First of all, there's my teeth and health, always a work in progress. A serious infection (originating from my sinus area) has made life very tough here and there for awhile now, and the reason for many of my teeth being replaced. My dentist, Dr. Slaten of Perfect-A-Smile Group has been working hard to get it all repaired, and it looks great. I have to have more work done, as there are temporary teeth that need changing to permanent ones once the infection is under control. Those little temporary buggers tend to break easily, so I am doing my best to eat geriatric types of food (applesauce, mashed potatoes, anything soft) so not to break them. Now I fully understand why my late grandmother had teeth like mine (and lost them eventually) used to dunk everything in her coffee or milk! Despite being careful, they bust here and there...just busted one while eating salad. The dental staff are quick to schedule me in, which I truly appreciate. Looks like it's back to the dental chair again next week, now that this one is broken (a small tooth towards the back). It's a process, but a means to an end, and I'll do whatever is necessary to have a healthy mouth with the best dentists possible, who I fully trust. For those who have known my past experiences with other, lesser dentists, my trusting and liking dentists is quite an anomaly..but this group is like family..and it feels good to be really helped with patience, much needed laughing gas (because I'm a wuss..they are good at keeping things pain-free) to kill any pain and lastly..encouragement, despite my health setbacks here and there.

In other news, my favorite computer, an HP laptop, has a virus or malware attack..still trying to figure out exactly which it is. Arrgh. After hiring others to fix these things in the past and learning from them, along with countless hours talking to customer service people from previous computers (this one NEVER gave me trouble before), I know a thing or two about battling viruses and malware..but probably not enough to fully tackle it since it's still not completely gone from my system. I've used Microsot Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool, Malware Bytes, Sophos Virus Removal Tool and SuperAntiSpyware programs, along with the my less-than-great McAfee (that never caught whatever it is in the first place)to kill off some of the problem. It is better..but still, it is SLOWWW. So, if I don't figure it out in the next week, then it goes to the computer doctor. That's never cheap.

Luckily I can do my work on my other computer, which is just fine (thank God). I'd been getting into the habit of using my laptop in my bedroom when I got my new mattress set because it was much more comfortable to work from than sitting at a desk. So, now I'm back in my office and using my desktop there. I have electronic drawing tablets in both rooms, so I can draw anywhere, so it doesn't really matter where I work. The cats pile in my office as I work, and keep me company as I draw or type. Here is what they do:

My gardens are looking good, flowers are blooming (tulips) and my peonies, Asiatic lilies, Anemones and others are wakening and showing their sprouts. The goldfinches, woodpeckers (downy, hairy and red-bellied), chickadees, mourning doves and house finches are practically living at my feeders. The male goldfinches are now bright yellow again, so pretty. I rigged up a spy/pinhole camera so I could even see the birdfeeder from my bedroom tv, which is fun because they have no idea they are being filmed. My kitty Farrah loves sitting on the bed, "chasing" birds, glued to the tv! So cute. The birds sing in the tree right outside my office windows, and even look in at me, as if to say, "We need more seed out here!". And at times, I think they enjoy teasing the cats ;)

Business is good and improving steadily. I spend from morning to night working on my stores, drawings and researching things (when not repairing computers). There is a huge amount of work to be done, but I do it all eventually. It's a passion, doesn't feel like work to me, I love doing what I do. Seeing the business grow gives me such huge encouragement. There's no time to relax and get complacent. I keep my head down and keep working, 24/7, to learn more, to be more. It's an additive process. A huge amount of time and energy goes into doing the work that is done..but I don't mind at all. A full pot of Starbucks Breakfast Blend coffee and a waffle with pureed strawberries for breakfast every morning..then it's marathon work time! When I'm sick, I just sleep, not able to do much, but the minute I feel better, I do something, anything, to get work done. I've always been a workaholic!

Mom's busy with her gardens, which look spectacular. Flowers everywhere! I love her big tree peony, which will bloom in the near's gigantic, red and showstopping! Dad is enjoying his retirement - reading, working on projects, spending time with his beloved cats and listening to his radio shows. My parents are healthy..after a rough year (health-wise)for them last year. I feel so grateful that they are ok and happy.

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