Monday, November 03, 2008

Election Day Eve..Drawing and Waiting

It's a gorgeous day here in Florida, cool and perfect. I am working on a poster illustration as I watch the political frenzy on CNN. Pundits wonder who would win if Hillary Clinton won against Sarah Palin. Geez, that is desperate, that's no contest. Hillary would and should win. One guy wrote in and said to the guy who thought this comparison up, "You're a sick and twisted man. Go lie down." LOL My sentiments exactly. Sarah Palin is likeable but in NO WAY an intellectual or political match against Hillary. The thought of it is absurd.

Meanwhile, the candidates are making their last minute speeches all over. Barack Obama is doing his campaigning while inwardly mourning the loss of his grandmother. He is one strong, cool character, good for him. She is surely in heaven looking down at him and is proud of all that he's done. Thank goodness he got to see her before she died (about a week ago). Apparently she died of cancer in her sleep. May she rest in peace. And, may Barack Obama get some rest once this campaining push is over! I don't know how McCain does it either, all that travel and everything at an older age! Good for him. All the coffee in the world wouldn't give me that kind of energy.

I think that when this election is finally decided (please, folks..NO hanging chads like last time!!) there should be a national, week-long "siesta" mandated by the government for everyone. Just stop everything and sleep in. Things have just been spinning too fast for everyone for awhile now. I feel lucky to be able to be on the at a distance but watching the mayhem. Life is good, but will be better if Obama wins! According to CNN, Dick Cheney's hometown supports Obama, LOL!
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