Saturday, July 12, 2008

Moving Day

In a few hours, the movers will be coming, along with some of my friends. Pretty much everything is packed so I can sit back and let the movers do their thing. The cats are fascinated by all the boxes and stuff, piled high. They keep walking around and inspecting everything. As for me, I'm both exhausted and excited. A new and better place, with great landlords and proximity to everything, so driving won't be necessary.

Last night I gave my egret and seagull buddies out back the last of my granola bars. They chowed them down, happily. My orchid plants are ready for their move, spending a last few hours out on the balcony. Outside, a small but brave bird is chasing an osprey out of the area. I'll miss this lake but gain new critters at a new, smaller one.

There's a lot of mildew inside the walls here, has been from when I moved in. I didn't notice how much, though, until moving boxes in the back of my closet, where I found a foot long spot of it. Yuck. No wonder I've sneezed and itched more than normal here. Good riddance to that, and hello apartment that is mold free.

I'm taking a break from the madness, to get my rest before things start getting crazy around here.

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