Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Move is Nearly Complete

After much insanity and craziness, moving is complete, except for putting everything where it needs to go in my lovely new place. I had to hire movers two times, due to the first one (a well known national chain that uses a kids' design as a logo) had a thief in their ranks who stole a guitar and the stand to hold it! A police report was made and they refunded my money as I found a second mover, this time someone very reputable (Knights movers out of New Port Richey, Florida)who were amazing, professional and quick! It pays to have good movers, because the bad ones have easy access to all your stuff, and they can go slow as molasses to make the time drag out. Word to the wise, make sure your mover is bonded, insured and is registered with the Better Business Bureau.

Anyways, after all that happened, the apartment is lovely and more like "home" than the previous place, whose claim to fame was an amazing view, but lacked in square footage and no dishwasher. I have a kitchen full of new appliances now, including a powerful dishwasher, so life is great. I'm doing lots of laundry in my new washer and dryer, and the cats are watching the birds and creatures out back from the big windows. They are very happy here, and walk around the place, probably amazed at how big it is. Beau runs and plays more here, it's funny watching him be a kitten again.

One good thing about all of this is that moving has helped me exercise my back enough to be stronger. Recuperating from a herniated disk and sciatica last year, I felt like my back had been weak..well, not anymore. Now that I treat it with more respect, I didn't overdo it and was careful to stop when I felt any pain. It worked, my spine made it through without damage. Woohoo!

I will make one more trip to the old apartment to do a few last things, then I'm turning in my keys and that stress is over with forever. Moving was a good idea, this condo is close to practically every store and restaurant I need and like. This will be great for going out with friends, too. My landlords are kind, nature lovers so I cannot ask for better. Life is good.

Check out these cute kittens playing like rock stars..

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