Sunday, October 23, 2016

A Very Blustery Fall

As the maple trees' leaves turn brilliant gold and red colors here in Northeastern Ohio, it's been my mission to enjoy this beautiful Fall season while working hard to get everything important done in my stores. This is the retail holiday season now, when everyone is looking to buy and / or sell just about anything. It's time to hustle!

Stir into this, of course, the unhinged Presidential Election hype. I'm not going into my choice but will say that this fight has been stressful, entertaining and disturbing all at the same time. It all unfolds on the TV here in my office as I work. I liken the whole thing to Roman gladiator fighting. This has been the most vicious, knock down-drag out battle I've ever seen for the next leader of the free world. All I can hope for is that my candidate wins, and the other one slithers back under the rock from whence they came. Seriously.

My brain is a bit fried from mental overload. I get an occasional  nervous twitch in my eye at stressful times, telling me that I need to slow down. The best thing to do is to turn off the news, take a nap or walk outside in the yard and then start afresh. Seems to work pretty well. A new coffee shop opened up a few miles away, so that helps, too.

In addition to everything else, I found out recently that my faithful car is nearing the end of its car life. Seven fine years of little repair bills and no car payments has made it very trusty to me. But, the mechanic says the computer in it needs repair, one set of brakes replaced, along with the exhaust system, and a newly found oil leak. Time to get another car. I have a bad habit of keeping cars I really like too long past their safety limits, so this time, I'm listening. The car goes up for sale.

After my vacation, I'll continue my hunt for the right car. I'm picky and so it takes looking..lots of it. Considering the fact that a brand new car depreciates a large percentage when driven off of the dealer's lot, I like quality used cars. I might get an SUV this time around, because I hope to do some shows once I've got means to haul merchandise, etc. It's hard to break myself of the full-size luxury sedan tradition so I'm still hanging loose on what style to get. What matters most is how well it runs and how well it's been maintained. At this stage of my life, I'm going for what is most practical and comfortable.

There is tranquility in my house at all times. The cats are doing fine, spoiled as ever. Friends are doing well, I'm tired but ok. The business is doing fine. I've got a cup of cider next to me, as I sit ouside on my porch. Pretty soon it will be too cold to do that. With my highly wired Type-A personality, I need the peace of this beautiful countryside I live in. It brings me back to nature and keeps me grounded.