Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Upgrading the Home Office

Valentines' Day isn't far away, so don't forget to buy something nice for your loved ones!

It's been a busy January, as I have been busy doing spring cleaning (a little early). The computer is updated, and my home office is more organized How good it feels to have thrown out all the old stuff from old work (non-art related) and concentrate much more on my studio, which takes full-time guidance and care. It's been a big job redoing websites I own, making them updated and more attractive. It's not work to me, though, but artistic routine.

I got a DVD player, my first one, to go on top of the VCR I have. Finally, my tv is going to be updated too, whenever I get the darned thing figured out enough to hook up. I enjoy electronic things but hooking them up is no talent of mine. Far from it. This unit is very stylish and will be great to play my movies on. It feels good being a bit more technologically up to date, now, even if there are more fancier movie players on the market being invented all the time.

Anyways, it feels so glorious not to be tied down with day jobs anymore. Right now I can afford to live comfortably with my art and writing assignments. Freedom feels so glorious. When I'm not stressed, ideas, creativity and artwork flow like a fountain. When burdened by stress, I feel like a slow-moving slug. I prefer freedom, from selling magazines, doing phone work for others and just having time to do what I do best, draw, from morning to late night.

Working hard helps me to forget that my family is far away and always too preoccupied with things to visit. I visited them a few times but they never visit me, they just keep on with their lives and take my phone calls if nothing good is on tv. Most of the times when I call, mom is preoccupied with whatever show she's watching and doesn't say much. She'd never do that with any of her friends, just me.

I get sick of being treated like I don't matter, but call anyhow, since they are the only family I've got. They never call, either. If I'd have had kids, I'd have made a pest of myself, caring too much. My folks care, but only when it is convenient for them to, it's always been that way, and always will be. I am strong and stay positive the best I can, despite it all. It just hurts, seeing loving families who take time for and truly respect one another.

It's cool down here in Florida, which is great. I get out my Ohio clothes and get to enjoy wearing them again, when most of the year they are packed away. It feels good wearing fleece once in awhile. When the cats feel too cold, they pile on my legs as I work. Beau was born and raised in the south, so he does get cold at times, even if his fur is somewhat long. Fluffy and Beau are happy because I gave them some cardboard boxes to sleep in, their favorite. They alternate between the boxes and being with me (on my feet, desk, keyboard, etc). They are the masters of relaxation, and I respect them for that :)

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Year, Everyone

I don't know this dog but sure thought this picture I found on the net was really cute. Kind of like me in work mode, but with a tail :)

This has been a quiet new year for me, since I've been busy working on a project for a favorite client, doing a bunch of animal drawings and paintings. It's been fun, and I am living at the drafting table right now (my favorite place to be most of the time). The weather here in Florida is cool and dramatic, which is great because being from Ohio originally, cool weather makes me feel more at home. I pried myself away from work long enough to go grocery shopping, and now all is right with the world. Chores done, I can get back to work.

Fluffy was sick but is doing much better now. He loves the case of cat food I bought him at the vet's, the vet tech likened it to "cat pizza" because it's rich and appetite stimulating. Fluffy wasn't eating, and was in a funk over losing his best buddy, Blackie. Now, though, he is gaining weight and his eyes are bright again. Every time I walk close to the kitchen, he makes sure I know that he'd love it if I opened up yet another can of the stuff. Beau, of course, can't be left out and is more than happy to put his two cents in. These guys have the life, eat, sleep and get lots of love. That's the way it should be. I love spoiling them rotten.

Training for the day job is almost complete, and this week I am back on the phones, processing loans and other financial things for a famous, worldwide company with very high standards. It will be interesting, and I only work for them part time, so I can put the majority of my focus into my studio work. It always helps to have a steady check as backup, when you're a freelancer. It is a new year and a new home agent job (MUCH better than the other previous home agent job due to the higher quality employer). And, I can sleep in, no more getting up at the crack of dawn to do a day job I hate. This alone makes the new year a happy one for me.

Though I miss my Blackie terribly, I've settled in to life without him. It just hurts whenever the pizza delivery guy comes to my door. There's no cat there to greet him, meowing, excited because he knows it's pizza time. Blackie was one of a kind. He had no conceivable idea that he was actually a cat, and not human.

My family is happy and healthy up in Ohio. Dad turned 75 yesterday, a very young 75. He has taken great care of himself and has the health to show for it. I hope the year ahead is good for all of us. Mom and dad fuss over their Maine Coon cat, Cinnamon, who has them trained quite nicely, to do whatever he wants :D He likes to go over to a low hanging wind chime they have and jingle it with his tail whenever he wants to be fed! I have heard him do it while on the phone with my folks. If that doesn't work, he goes for Plan B (the staredown) or if impatience sets in, Plan C (yowling at the top of his lungs and making a nuisance out of his furry self). He is one smart, and big, cat.

Here's a drawing I did of Cinny two years ago:

Back to the drawing board (literally), I have much work to do. I just made some coffee and it's time to draw. Happy 2008 to All.