Sunday, May 22, 2011

Time to Find a Great New Place

The time has come to find a new place to live. After months and months of headaches stemming from drains that don't work, and a refridgerator that should've been replaced eons ago and leaks water everywhere, it's time to say goodbye and find a quality, uncomplicated place with people who are willing to fix things, not blame others or try to charge for their own issues. This building is very old, as is the fridge and the drains. Never mind that there is only one entrance in and out, a huge fire hazard which is technically against the law to have. Big, fat code violation. I ignored it but since they don't keep the alleyway clear (has poison ivy growing and some sort of electrical or other type of lines hanging down from possibly electric or telephone poles, etc, taking the trash out means walking around a HUGE building. With a bad back, that is not easy..especially if you have a heavy box or bag of trash.

Landlords have tried to blame ME, and harrass me with constant nagging about my cats (they said this is an animal friendly place when I moved in but make a big deal about "cat smell" in the hallway on a frequent basis). Friends and family don't notice it, just one tenant that didnt' get along with another girl here, for no real reason, and in my opinion just likes to complain. Landlady has been always calling, trying to "instruct" me how to live. I know how to live. I've successfully lived in other places without problems for years. This woman is only a year older than me and because she has money, thinks she can tell me how to live my life, etc. It's just sickening. I tried to turn the other cheek and be nice to her but that only made her nag more. It's become an endless battle, where in my opinion she doesn't listen to what I have to say, but drowns it out with complaining about ME, then telling me how much she wants me to stay when I tell her I'm leaving. I'm sick of this twisted, power-play game and want a place free of this garbage.

So, I'm looking around. Feels good to do so. My friend is on the Board of Directors of this town and is going to help me find something, hopefully in the village. She was horrified when I told her how I was being treated. It may take some looking since in the country, rental options may not be as plentiful as in the city, but it will be worth it when I find a place. Hopefully with a porch or place to garden. I love living in the country and am making an all-out effort. A smallish house with some privacy will be best, or maybe a duplex. Peace and quiet, that's what I'm all about. No bickering, quarrelsome, rude, condescending landlords to deal with. I will interview prospective landlords as much as they interview me, kindly, of course. Life is just too short to have to deal with people who aren't nice. And so the true search begins..

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Introducing My New Cat, Matisse

My new lovely kitty is here, and he looks like my cat Beau! They could be twins! Matisse is 5 years old, and really very HUGE. He is much bigger than Beau but very laid back and calm. He's settling in very nicely, enjoying his new home. Beau, on the other hand, isn't sure what to make of this new cat who's entered his territory. He alternates from hissing to being curious and watching him (from a distance). I think he's going to like him more and more as time goes by. No fights or swinging at him, just a bit of fear, but I reassure him a lot and he calms right down. When I go out, I put one or the other cat in my office with a cat box, food and water, and keep the door closed so they don't get into trouble. Then, when home, I let them mingle again.

Matisse loves to sit in the windows and watch the world go by. He's really cute about it, just makes himself at home, happily, and comes to see me when he wants to be petted or fed. Beau peeks in on him, and I can see him from where I sit in the living room, so he doesn't feel alone.

A good thing to have when introducing two cats is a Feliway/Comfort Zone diffuser. It plugs into the wall like an air freshener but has no scent, just a pheromone that calms cats. It works great on Beau, I used it on him when he was brought into my home years ago, and am using it again to keep them both feeling mellow. Matt is already mellow, so the pheromone is mostly for Beau. Breeders swear by Feliway, so it's a good product.

Beau says, "Who's this big new cat invading my house?"

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Getting Ready to Adopt a New Cat

Beau in his kitty house

So much has been going on, as I work to adopt a different cat than in my last blog post. The last one was kept by the foster, who fell in love with the cat and wouldn't let him go. This time around, I found a reputable, registered rescue who doesn't play these games and they are coming with my kitty this week! His name is Matisse, a five-year old, laid-back, deaf boy. I pray that Beau loves him, I know I will. It will take a careful introduction, as with any cats. Beau loves cats but he didn't like Fluffy much, the two of them were like oil and water, but they tolerated one another. He loved my late Blackie, though. My fingers are crossed as we introduce them slowly and gently.

Other teeth are having many issues. I must have the upper ones all worked on, one by one. My dentist is thinking "cha-ching!!" when he sees my mouth. It will be worth all the work in the end. There should be a law against paying big bucks for slow, painful torture. Insurance? What insurance? I had it before, and it didn't pay for much ($1000 cap on dental repairs and a cleaning, yearly..that's IT). The real work starts next month. What can you do? Nothing. Just gotta do it.

Spring has sprung. It's nice to see buds on the trees. With better weather, I am enjoying being outdoors more, love it. I'm looking for a house so I can garden, it will be nice to have a place to spread out in. It takes time..and more money. Doing more artwork is the answer to everything. At times I'm totally exhausted and need breaks, but then renewal sets in and I'm good to go again. Time to get busy with it, inspired by the lovely new kitty coming to me, and my current gorgeous boy, who also inspires me at all times. Just love him so very much :)

My soon-to-be new cat, Matisse

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