Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Fluffy gets his 15 minutes of fame...see him on CNN at:

Using my hands all the time like I do (drawing, painting and clicking the computer mouse especially) has finally taken its toll on me. I've pulled up lame, lol, so to speak. The tendons in my right wrist have gotten mad and become very swollen, OUCH, shooting pain up the side of my arm. I've been careful to respect the carpal tunnels in my hands, knowing people in the past who actually had surgeries to fix those things. This is wrist tendonitis, in other words, overuse of the hand makes your wrist swell up. The answer, don't use your hand, keep it steady (don't bend or flex, hold strait), ice packs (keep 'em coming), and aspirin. Some have surgeries on the hand for this but no way. If taken care of properly, it heals. So, I'm respecting the wrist and am holding off from much use of it while it repairs itself. Here's more information on tendonitis:

So, I'm kicking back, checking my internet art sales, watching the Ghost Hunters marathon (great show) on SciFi Channel and cruising the net with my left hand. I just ordered a wrist splint off, to keep this from happening again in the future. I'm VERY careful of my hands, so if I can get this, anyone can. No big deal, it will heal and life goes on. Like the bad back I had last year, it pays to learn how to not repeat mistsakes that lead up to orthopedic situations. From the age of forty onwards it has been important to preserve these things..darn it. I feel like a kid but have the body of a middle aged woman. Here's to fighting aging any way possible! The back is doing fine now, and the hand will be ok, too. An overdue, body-enforced "vacation"!

Oh yeah, today is Halloween...Happy Halloween, everyone!. There aren't any children in this development so I'm pretty sure there won't be any trick-or-treaters tonight. If anyone shows up, I'll give them a few cookies (baked some last night). myspace graphic comments

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