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Worried About my Sick Kitty

Today I left my sweet 14 year old cat Fluffy at the vet to be operated on. He has an infection in his mouth that has spread to his throat, from a bad tooth, the vet says. She says that she will check for "worse things" while operating on him, and that "no news is good news". She will call if she finds anything else. She told me to have hope, and that they will see what is up.

I just am so worried. Old cats can die from anesthesia issues, and I pray that he makes it. I felt so bad, but she assured me I was doing the right thing to leave him and let them do what they need to do. It's so hard to leave a beloved pet, a family member of many years, in the life and death care of a vet. They were very nice at the hospital, it is very close by to me and I will pick him up tomorrow if all goes as planned. It is scary, and I'm trying hard to not feel panicky because he's a good cat and deserves a long life.

The vet said that 14 years is about the average life span of most cats, and that I shouldn't blame myself for this. I brought him in as soon as I saw that the infection was worsening. He still eats and is alert, but is in pain. He is in good hands and I must trust them. I have trouble with trust in general, always have. But vets are trained professionals and they know what to do. I will not jump to conclusions and will keep an even head about it. It is hard, and I will get through this.

To get through the anxiety and depression, I work on my art. As long as I am calm, the art flows freely. It is extra important to me as an artist to keep myself as relaxed as possible. Classical music and doing relaxation exercises taught to me by therapists in the past help. I am devoted and loyal to those I love, and if any of them get sick then it rocks me to my core.

To me, animals are as important as (and sometimes more important than) humans. Most humans pretty much aren't trustworthy, from my experiences. Animals are fully genuine. They love us unconditionally without judgment and cruelty. These pets of mine have been loved the same way back. They don't know fear or worry because I have been only loving to them. My childhood was full of high drama, fighting and anger due to uncontrollable forces around me. Animals were my refuge then, as they are now. I pray Fluffy recovers and lives out his life for many years to come.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

My Day at the Cleveland Clinic

Today I went to the Cleveland Clinic to have a specialist look at my bad back. I have been mired in lumbar spine problems for the last two years, after waking up one day in January, 2007 unable to move due to sharp pains running down my legs (sciatica). I couldn't walk for quite a while, and had to pay someone to get my groceries. It was a huge ordeal that turned out to be a bulging lumbar disc and sciatica at that time. The doctor in Florida loaded me up with really strong prescription drugs so that I wasn't in horrifyingly bad pain at all times. Physical therapy caused horrible back spasms that set my progress back for awhile so I stopped that. It was scary, not to mention being alone was tough as well. Medical professionals in Florida weren't great, didn't care and were basically rude and distant when I needed them the most. The Florida doctor was at a reputable medical building/hospital system but he was cold and told me that the next step was hyperdermic needles in my spine if the drugs didn't work! I never went back after that. I recovered very slowly in months but my back has always hurt badly since.

Fast forward to now. I do not need a cane or other devices to walk but it hurts to be on my feet for long, standing and walking is very painful but I do it. My desk chair has been replaced with a overstuffed, lumbar reinforced recliner. I have special pillows to sit on, to help ease back pains while drawing here at my desk. I have a TENS unit (electric stimulator that physical therapists use) and it has helped some, too.

Moving back to Ohio, I was so happy to come home to my normal family doctor at the Cleveland Clinic, and the extremely high quality healthcare that they give. He recently referred me to the back specialist who is personable, caring and fully capable of helping me overcome the back problems. He explained my X-rays in depth to me, and it was interesting to learn that I have a lot of arthritis in my spine, that the bone spurs are there too but aren't the issue. The main issue is stenosis/spondlyosis, from what I gathered, that means the narrowing of the passageway inside my spine (basically the nerve current in the middle of it). So, I will be spending lots of time in pools, in different kinds of therapy, one-on-one with a reputable physical therapist at a state-of-the-art facility close to my place. I welcome it, to help make my body more conditioned and less sore. From what I gather, it's a long process but the doctor is optimistic that I won't need surgery so I am totally encouraged.

It's so strange, since my parents and grandparents don't/didn't have back pain like this. I used to take moving freely for granted, carrying many bags of groceries at once, never worrying about the spine at all. Years of horseback riding didn't seem to bother me, either (pre-back pain), and I plan to ride again asap even still. My X-rays show that I have basically no cushion between my lowest two vertabrae, it wore off. Replacing that cushion hasn't been invented yet, but someday, long in the future, it will probably be figured out. Yeah, when I'm too old to care at that point. So, I trust the Clinic to fix my spine problems the best that can be done. It is so wonderful to have great healthcare again. With help from my wonderful doctors and therapists, it will be a fight I plan to win. Thank you, Clinic. I plan on fighting aging and pain every step of the way!

Oh, and by the way, the Official Cleveland Clinic Greeters (dogs) are a wonderful addition. Petted a Dalmatian and an Irish Setter as I waited for my X-rays. My parents and I really enjoyed them, too. Greeter-dogs, a great way to diffuse tension during medical tests, etc, a good thing.

Cleveland Clinic

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A Very Good Day

The Geauga County Fair, where we went on my birthday over the weekend.

Today my parents stopped over at my place unexpectedly, with some very good news. They think they've found a house, and took me over to it. Though my mom and I have had big differences over the years, I still am close to both my parents and do a lot of worrying about them since the Recession has been rather hard on their interests. Well, hopefully if all goes right, their housing problems may be solved. I pray that this happens, and that all goes as they plan it to.

The house is nearly 200 years old, with character and is surrounded by a park and majestic old trees. It has a lovely wraparound porch as well as an enclosed one for their plants. It was built before the days of mass stamped out boring homes, back when each house had its own individual character. The owner is a builder with a ton of money to put into it, and it looks very much like this will be a good match for them. So, I have my fingers crossed. They have lawyers and realtors ironing out the details and I am just going to hope for the best. It would be perfect for all of us, and make their lives much easier than the huge mortgage they currently pay. So far, so good.

It would be so nice to be able to live pretty close to them, and go to the restaurants nearby together. Dad is a retired architect and would do a lot of remodeling to it, which is great. He can use his skills for his own needs, and not let them go unused. It would be a great match, I pray the details go through with no hitches. We used to buy and sell homes when I was a kid, moving up to bigger ones each time, until they got the house they're in now, which they've been in for 30 years. I never liked it much, this new one has much more character and a homier feeling.

So, I wait, and hope. It warms my heart to know that they are so good at working deals and that dad's skills would come into play again. He's a gifted architect and could work his magic on it to make this place really amazing. Dad says it's like being 30 all over again, redoing and starting over. But, their attitude is positive and they are level headed about it. I thank God that they are intelligent with good business sense. And it would be great to get them out of the overpriced neighborhood they live in now. It's safe but there's too much traffic and it's too far away. Geauga county in general is more of a hometown atmosphere. They love it here in the country, and I really would like having my family nearby.

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Comments sent by Fans & Customers

Here are some of the comments e-mailed to us and posted on our product pages. Thank you all who wrote in, we love our customers and fans!

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Maya Angelou, You Rock.

I Rise
A moving poem by poet Maya Angelou

This amazing poem is dedicated to all survivors of child abuse and domestic violence.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Late Summer in Lovely Ohio

Hudson, where my mom grew up and we lived before moving to Chagrin Falls

I'm enjoying August here in the peace of the country. It's not so far removed from civilization here to make me feel isolated, but just right. There are festivals and things to do here in my town all the time. Most of the time I observe from my office, as working hard on art is most important to me. If I want to go out, I do. My back problem is still an issue, but I visited the Cleveland Clinic and my family doctor is working with me to get that taken care of. It's all a process and despite my limitations, I'm doing allright and feeling at peace.

Friends I haven't seen in awhile want to stop out, it's great. In Florida I stayed away from most people due to the high concentration of unsavory types that lived there. Here there are no budding criminals that I can see, it's all peace, elegance and friendship. I love it. No more slumming in Largo, Florida (looks like a nice place, but in my opinion, isn't) for me, ever again! Being home is wonderful.

Recently I got a pound of Frangelico flavored coffee beans, they are to die for. It's rare that I find coffee flavors that keep me hooked. The last time I truly was stuck on a flavor was twenty years ago when I couldn't live without Grand Marnier flavored coffee beans from a local cafe chain called Arabica. Nowadays, this coffee was found at the cafe downstairs and will keep me coming back to buy more. I've always been content with Starbucks Morning Blend for basic coffee, but am very picky about the flavored types. This is just right, not too acidic or bitter. And how convenient it is to walk downstairs and buy a bag.

The cats, too, love being here in Ohio. Gone is the intense Florida humidity and heat for these two very furry, long-haired cats. Both of them lounge around luxuriously, happy to have comfortable temperatures and many cozy places to sleep. Life is good for all three of us.

Last night the oldies musical diner downstairs threw a big bash and hot rod showcase, they do it every week, with great old music from the fifties, sixties and seventies. I work in my office and enjoy it from above, but do come down from time to time to get food at the restaurant. It's mainly bar food, but very good when I'm in the mood for it. Sometimes I contemplate buying a house somewhere out here but change my mind, due to the easy proximity to everything where I am now.

It's wierd how times and experiences change my thoughts and needs. I used to travel like crazy, and never feel happy to be home. I had to be in motion all the time. Now, I crave and love quiet and peace. I hated Florida with a passion, and stayed inside working most of the time there due to the heat. Now, I'm able to have my windows wide open, breathe fresh air and have healthy people as neighbors and friends (though I don't see them much due to my working most of the time). Ohio is a beautiful place. How I missed the rolling hills and beautiful countryside. Seeing years of Florida swamp, scrub, dry crunchy grass and endlesss Palmetto plants bored the heck out of me. You can't walk in the woods without worrying about rattlesnakes and other poisonous/dangerous stuff down there. Here, walking in the woods isn't hazardous to my knowledge. It's peaceful, without dangerous critters or heavy heat. It's heaven to me.

I took the 43 Things Personality Quiz and found out I'm an
Organized Traveling Self-Knower

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How to be a Respectful Parent to Your Child at Any Age:

Won't Back Down by Tom Petty

How to be a Respectful Parent to Your Child at any Age

How to be a Respectful Parent to Your Child (At Whatever Age)
by Carolyn McFann

Looks aren't everything. Care about inner beauty above all, that is what is most important.

Don't inforce YOUR values and beliefs as THE only way (no forcing people to think like you).

Don't interrupt, make fun of or belittle your offspring for having other views on things.

Be respectful of who your child is as a person. Let them be who they are, not what you want them to be.

Don't interrupt your son or daughter when they talk and disregard what they are saying.

Be calm and rational, not irrational, critical and aggressive.

Don't blow "hot and cold", be consistent.

Find time to praise, not just to criticize.

Don't smile when you're mad. Match your expression to your mood. Smiling when mad is creepy.

Have integrity, do what you say you are going to do.

Never make jokes at the expense of others.

Keep ego, insecurities in check. Don't make your child your therapist.

Have manners. You want your children to have them so practise what you preach.

Don't abandon your loved ones in times of emotional need. A little kindness goes a long way.

Look beyond yourself and what you want. What is in the best interest of your child matters.

Don't be so caught up in life that you can't stop to spend time with the ones you love.

Don't focus on your child's faults, focus on what his or her strengths are.

Don't badmouth your child to other people. Don't badmouth other people either. Don't teach your child to be disrespectful of others by example.

Don't scare and/or intimidate your child to get the upper hand. It is damaging psychologically. Just don't do it. Being a bully is wrong.

Who cares who is right or wrong. Don't argue it. Agree to disagree when you can't see eye to eye.

Never use your child as a scapegoat for your problems. It's a cowardly thing to do. Hire a therapist and work your issues out instead of beating up on the ones you love.

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Me being interviewed by a national news reporter a few years ago.

Want to see me draw a quick sketch? Here you go..

I did this quick sketch on a little program online, nothing fancy, didn't take the time to make it look totally polished, but you get the idea. It's me drawing in almost real time. Sometimes it will seem like I stopped but it's just me erasing or blending a color or two. Set the speed bar to fast (it pops up if your cursor is at the bottom of the drawing while in play mode).

And yet another. The quality of these drawings isn't optimal due to the program being rough, I have to work very quickly, as it closes without warning and loses the pic. Plus, the eraser is ROUGH edged. Ugh. Still, it's fun to do:

Here's a video of me being interviewed by a national news reporter in a fancy Florida penthouse for a promo piece a few years ago:

Friday, July 10, 2009

Mom & Dad's Kittens are the Cutest Ever

Pansy looking for something to play with.

Smoke looking like a deer in headlights.

This is Felix, Master of the Basket

Recently I was at my parents' house for the weekend, and got aquainted with the most adorable kittens..Felix, Pansy and Smoke. I thought mom and dad were crazy at first to keep all three of them (born from a stray they took in, they named Nike) but now I support their decision, as they are just so fun. Little balls of fur who play, charge down the hall at 100mph and come by to take a nap on your lap at will. Awww.

I think mom and dad need a farm out in the country, near me somewhere. I live in the sub-suburbs out where life is quaint and slow, with Amish all around. This would be great to get the whole family out here to be in the country air, away from the city and with more room to move. The kittens are doing great, and love the cat tree I got mom and dad's older cat, Cinny. Cinny, on the other hand, isn't sure what to think of these little guys. He likes them at a distance. He's older, more dignified and used to being the center of attention. He's doing pretty well considering kittens play all around him. He gets annoyed but then joins in the fun after awhile. I guess if you can't beat 'em, join 'em :)

Cinny the Prince

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The New Harry Potter Movie is Almost Here


I'm a big Harry Potter fan and am looking forward to the release of this movie. Having read all the books, I know what happens, but it will still be great to see it come to life onscreen.

Latest Published Articles by Carolyn McFann

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Farewell to the King of Pop

Today was Michael Jackson's memorial service in Los Angeles. I watched it on TV and was moved. It was a beautiful service, fitting for the King of Pop. He would've been so proud of his family and friends for doing such a lovely job to put it all together.

It's so sad, to lose such a talented person with a gift that was evident from the very start. I was a little girl when the Jackson Five came into the public spotlight. And they were everywhere, on tv, on lunchboxes, on the radio and more. It was great music and my parents and I liked it all. As time went on, I grew up watching and hearing about MJ and his songs, scandals and families. To me, he was a sensitive and misunderstood person who was so naiive that people took advantage of him. He was his gift, there was no separation. Being born with a profound talent is a lifelong responsibility to use it well and to nurture it. And that he did. There was nobody who was a better showman than Michael Jackson. Everything he did came naturally to him, and he was a perfectionist. Being one myself, I can relate with the perfectionistic personality, and how hard it is to live up to it. He worked hard, very hard, and showed the world the best performances possible. I have total respect for him, and will choose to remember him for the good things he did. Those who focus on the negative are just cruel. This was a man who gave the world so much and wasn't given enough credit for all the good things he did.

Now that MJ is gone, he'll never know how much the world loves him. He would've loved it. I am one of many fans, but not a fanatic, just a regular fan. I cried watching his little daughter making a statement at the end of the service. Those kids are just so young to have to undergo such a loss. They will be well cared for with the Jackson family, who seem so warm and caring. I hope Debbie Rowe slips away and leaves them alone. Those kids don't need the hassle of a court fight over them after losing the only parent they've ever known. She wouldn't even send them birthday cards. My heart goes out to the whole family. You've been through so much with this and may you heal in peace. Rest in peace, Michael Jackson.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Rest in peace, stars

Today not one but two major stars died, both Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson. I'm not surprised about Farrah who had been gravely ill but Michael Jackson's death was a shock. Both of them were way too young, it's so sad. Recently Ed McMahon died too, all of them were total fixures on tv as I was growing up. May they all rest in peace.

It just goes to prove how fragile life really is and how we can't take even one day for granted. It appears cliche but it isn't, we must value the time we have on this earth since we never truly know how much we or our family members have. It's all about living life to the fullest, in whatever way works for us. For me it was travelling a lot in my twenties and thirties, now it's working hard and enjoying my pets, friends and family. Life has more meaning now than ever. It's scary to see people we all grew up with die, still we go on. Life sure does throw us curve-balls. I feel for the families of Farrah and Michael, who have to grieve in the public eye. Especially Ryan O'Neal and son Redmond. They suffered as Farrah fought for her life and now this. This is a sad day for not only the entertainment world but all who grew up seeing these familiar faces on tv. We all grieve.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Springtime in Northeast Ohio

Beau loves the new place. Here he waits for sun to hit a prism ball so he can chase the resulting rainbows.

Here he springs into action, pouncing on everything.

He's done chasing things (sunbeams went away) so he's catching up on some tv. Here he's watching Martha Stewart.

It's a gorgeous spring morning here in Ohio. Sparrows are chirping in the trees outside my place, they do this every day, as my cats watch with interest. The temperatures are so comfortable, not too hot or cold. Nothing beats northern Ohio in the warm months. I don't miss Florida at all, not one bit. Between high humidity, bugs and a large criminal population, where I was living was truly Hell on earth. How great it is not to need to deal with hurricanes anymore, as well. The cats, too, love the new, cooler climate. They are so much happier in every way. My parents come over frequently and give them lots of love, too, which they really like.

Today I go to a store that I used to go to weekly when I lived in Solon. It's been years since I lived in Ohio so it feels so good to get back to somewhat of the same routine, one I've craved for a long time. Marc's is a true Cleveland area institution, a store full of deep markdown items, all quality and most top name brand. These folks find closeout items that are worthy of buying, and offer them at amazing low prices. They even have a full grocery store along with other stuff, it's a wonderful place. After paying top dollar for everything in Florida (and not having easy access to good quality discount places) I am grateful to be back to what I know and love.

I think I'll go downstairs for a latte, it's addictive living above a really great coffee house. After a glorious morning of coffee and shopping I'll be paying bills and deep in computer code learning/writing purgatory so I'm enjoying myself to the fullest until then. An Amish buggy just went by my windows. They do that all the time, it's such a wonderful sound hearing horse hoofbeats go by.

I don't miss the city craziness at all. It's nice to live away from fast paced city but have easy access to it if needed. Computer and cable access make living further out possible for me now. Working hard isn't a chore but fun, why I work so incredibly hard all the time to draw and create. Taking time out for other stuff just recharges my energy, giving me momentum to do more. This is my calling in life, and nothing else makes me happier. Life is good.

Fluffy fell asleep watching sparrows here in my office.

Beau is King of the convection oven.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

We're Back in Ohio and Loving Every Minute of It

It's been over a week now that I've been living in beautiful, glorious Ohio again. I'm in the sub-suburbs where the air is fresh and nature is all around, but am 40 minutes from my parents and all the great shopping places, and only 15 minutes from my hometown of Chagrin Falls. I live in a small but elegant village called Burton, which is full of life and nice people. It's a total contrast to Pinellas County, Florida where I was living before. Gone are the unpleasant people, humidity, urban mayhem and oppressive heat. Living in the tropics is now fully out of my system. I need hills, low humidity and to be with friends and family. The cats love it up here, too. They smile and purr like I've never seen. It's bizarre to see animals react so clearly to a different environment like this. They actually smile now. Being long-haired, they both are surely glad to be away from Florida's humidity. It was so thick, even with air conditioning. Ohio is a wonderful place to live, even in the snow-belt. I'll take snow over Floridian heat and bugs any day.

View from the truck as I drove through the mountains of Virginia

My second cousin Marcia and third cousin Holly

I visited my lovely relatives as I drove north, and stayed two days with them. We had a great time and it was hard to leave.

Once in Ohio, a crew of really great Amish guys unloaded my truck for me. I'd give them a plug here online but they frown on that, so I can't (but would if I could). They were amazing, as were the amazing movers I had in Florida who packed up the truck for me. If you're in Florida and live in the Tampa Bay area, use Christos & Christos Movers at:

These guys are the most reliable, trustworthy movers I've ever had. After many lousy movers who damaged and/or stole stuff/tried to upcharge me and other nasty things, it was a huge pleasure and relief to have such professional, quick and friendly movers. Seriously, these guys are beyond five stars.

So now I'm here with my two cats back home, living in what I consider true paradise. There is a coffee house next door, and on the other side, a really cool diner that has festivals and activities that draw people from all over weekly. How good it feels to be in a safe place that has so much to offer.

Active maple sugar producing log cabin in Burton, OH

Beau (& Fluffy, not in pic) most definitely approve.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Being Single is Awesome

Here is my article published this morning on CNN regarding singlehood and how great it is. I love being single, here's why:

Reading about how so many women get a bad attitude about being single, it just amazes me. For years I dated actively, never being single for long. It was fun to date at first but got more and more tedious so I just lost interest in it and stopped a few years ago. Nobody needs to feel sorry for me, not at all. Why? Because my life is better now than it ever was in the past.

For years I played the dating game, but now my energy is put into my career, and I've learned to really have fun with it. The passion of my younger years is back into my life, as I can fully concentrate on meeting the needs that just weren't met when I was a wife or girlfriend. I have the satisfaction of my business growing, respect from my peers for not just ending up in another relationship nighbmare. I truly think being single is totally underrated.

In my twenties, I knew older women in their forties and fifties who loved being single and thought they were just giving up. It wasn't true, they were professionals with full careers and happy lives. In time, I too learned that being single is a glorious sense of freedom, giving me the time and energy to put all that energy formerly used for dating into myself, my friends and work. It is beyond satisfying, allowing me to travel and socialize freely with no romantic stress.

Single ladies who think that life is over without a man, change your attitude and look at the positives in life as a single. You can eat breakfast for dinner, in your underwear in front of cartoons without ridicule or scorn. You don't have to cook dinner for anyone, nor do you need to account for where you went, or what you're doing to anyone. It's a wonderful feeling to have time alone, with no apologies. The beauty part is, if you decide later that you want to date, you still can.

Men have asked me out in the last few years but I haven't taken them up on their offers. I don't hate men, but I just consider my freedom a precious gift and don't want to give it away to anyone. For me, being single not only works but helps me to really know myself better and enjoy life. It may not be for everyone, but the trick is not to be miserable about it.

Life is what you make it. You can either make it the way you want or you can wait for Mr.Right to come along and save you from your sadness. I got wiser as I aged and at 45 I'm happier now than I was when with a significant other in my younger years. Give singlehood a try, without judgment. You may just like it.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Moving Day isn't far Away

I'm busy packing, sorting and organizing, in preparation for my move back to Ohio from Florida. It's about an 18 hour drive, and I'll be driving a rented truck with two cats along for the ride. I'm both excited and horrified at the same time. I like adventure but not when I'm bringing along all my stuff. I've always been a passenger when in moving trucks long distance, not the driver. So, it's a new experience and I'm going to make it fun by not pushing myself too hard.

In a packing frenzy over the weekend, I inadvertently packed the coffee scoop/measure. When I went to make coffee, it occured to me that it was located in the bottom sealed box of a six foot stack of boxes. Forget that. I used a tablespoon instead and made coffee so strong it was like a cup of Brazilian espresso, thick and potent. The only way I can drink stuff like that is with a ton of sugar. I prefer my coffee black, and am getting better at portioning the coffee so I don't go nuts on a sugar/caffeine high.

It will be a wonderful day when I can pull out of the parking lot of this miserable condo complex to a beautiful new place far, far away from the urban sprawl of where I am now. How wonderful it will be to be home for Thanksgiving, and to be in horse country in Ohio, where it's more affordable to ride at quality horse farms than it is down here, where most farms are overpriced and shabby (unless you spend really big bucks to go to a superior one). Up north, superior ones are not as pricey, since hay is farmed up there. Here in Florida, they have to import hay from the north, making it more expensive.

After much travelling and globe-trotting, I am glad to settle in a more quiet atmosphere. It's quaint, in an elegant atmosphere and my building is historical. No taking my life in my hands to cross the street here. Where I am now is at the third most dangerous traffic intersection in Pinellas County (at the end of our street, in walking distance from this place). I hired a cab to take me across the street to Starbucks, to avoid getting creamed by cars, the other day. It was worth it, loooove Starbucks. I plan to visit many along the route from here to home when I do the move. Life is always better with a venti Caramel Macchiato in your hand.

Rainbow over Starbucks

A good song I found on You Tube from years back, "Respect" by Erasure

Monday, April 27, 2009

The Crazy Mess with CafePress

Find my CP store at
and the main store at:*

By now, CafePress shopkeepers have been made aware of a nasty revision to our commission amounts if we offer our products on the CP Marketplace. Whenever you search on CafePress' search engine, it brings up results on their marketplace. The new rule makes it so us shopkeepers would only earn 10, yes I said TEN percent commission for our Marketplace sales. Knowing that my work is worth much more than that, I am opting OUT of the Marketplace but keeping my store since I have loyal customers who know where my store is on the internet. Items sold directly from the store itself don't have that 10% rule. If it ever does, then forget CP completely. Big shop owners like myself are opting out in droves to get away from the new "rules", leaving only those who are new and don't know how to price or those who are profoundly desperate to settle for meager chump change as earnings.

From now on, if you want to access products at my CafePress store then you must type in my URL directly, do not search on CafePress for it (use Google or other engines search term, "Two Purring Cats Studio" ). This allows me to keep my normal commissions, and not bother with the Marketplace at all. My store URL is:

To repeat, you can reach my store, either at the above address or search for it on Google (or other search engines except for CafePress). The store goes on as usual, you just won't find it searchable on the CafePress website itself.

As for my feelings on this whole CafePress terms of service/commission rates, well, I'm thoroughly disgusted and know better than to devalue my work like that. Having worked in Accounting departments when younger, I understand business budgeting somewhat but come on, this is ridiculous.

You can always find me at Zazzle, my main site, at:*

Check my store out there, it's been reworked and I've maintained my ProSeller status so I'm happy with it.

Here's some old but good songs that sum up many shopkeepers' feelings @ CafePress:

We're Not Gonna Take It by Twisted Sister

I Can't Go for That by Darryl Hall & John Oates

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Susan Boyle is the Definition of "Talent"

The world has rightfully fallen for a talented singer from a Scotland village named Susan Boyle. Nearly everyone snickered in the "Britain's Got Talent" audience and made fun of her as she stood on stage and said she wanted to be a famous singer, but she made them eat crow really fast when she began to sing! This proves to the world to never judge a book by its cover, because talent comes in all packages. I hope Susan Boyle continues to be the superstar she is, and gets everything she wants out of life. Thank you Susan for showing the world that us over-forties have talent too, and yours blows away all the youngsters and everyone else! I hope you don't change and become "Hollywoodized", that you stay the way you are and enjoy the limelight for the rest of your life. Bravo.

Monday, April 13, 2009

An Excellent Explanation of the Credit Crisis

Not sure what the credit crisis is all about? Here it is, explained in plain language that is easy for us non-MBA's to understand by Jonathan Jarvis:

Part 1

Part 2

Preparing for the big move

Preparations are underway for my big move back to Ohio from Florida. It's a big job but worth it in the end. I could stay where I'm at but Florida is too hot and I miss my family. My new place is big and historic, in the outer suburbs of Cleveland near my hometown of Chagrin Falls. It's close enough to the city to be accessible to everything but far enough away to have fresh air and Amish neighbors. Amish cooking is the best, and I am looking forward to having breakfast in local restaurants every day. Such a difference from the urban sprawl of Largo, Florida. This part of Florida is great for those who love the city. I like it but only now and then, not all the time. It will be a relief to be among higher quality people than my current place, which is an unpleasant and less than safe condo complex. It's back to safety and refined living for me instead of humidity and scary people. If you're thinking of moving to Florida, interview your potential neighbors to make sure they aren't troubled people. It's a melting pot of good and bad down here.

I've rented a truck to drive up north, and will visit relatives in different states on my way up. I usually rent hotels when driving long distance but have been invited to visit so I'm going to enjoy this trip and take my time as I travel. With two cats traveling along, they will benefit from animal-loving family too. It's going to be fun. I'll get my usual Starbucks coffee for the road in a thermos, stop at the Florida produce store along the highway on my way out of state and load up on Florida products then hit the road.

Lucky for me, my business is not affected by the move in the least. And my friends are still accessible by email and chat, so it will be wonderful to live in my new home in horse country, away from the rat race somewhat. Down in Florida, it is expensive to ride but where I come from, boarding is cheaper and in my opinion riding stable facilities are nicer (you get more for your money). I'd done portraits at a riding stable in South Tampa where the rent was $1000 per month, the horses were old and overpriced and the owners were rude to anyone who didn't make large amounts of money. The nice ladies I did horse portraits for were buying horses way past their prime for $20,000 and up! Wow, it was eye opening. I came down to Florida thinking this would be a great place to ride, but see that it is the opposite, unless you have big bucks for the higher quality stables in Ocala or other places than South Tampa. Live and learn.

So, the movers come fairly soon, and will pack my truck for me, then off I go. It's been a long time since I've lived up north, and it's hard to believe that I actually miss the snow and variable northern weather! I'll have to buy a winter coat since my Florida-weight coats and jackets aren't good enough for the snow belt of Ohio, where I'll be. But it's ok, I can safely say that I have the wanderlust of wanting to live in Florida fully out of my system now. It's possible in the future I may live in a warm climate again but not this far south. Virginia is a gorgeous place, and a strong possibility later on, but for now it's back to Ohio's maple syrup producing countryside, true Midwestern life with nature all around. It's exciting, and I'm looking forward to it.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Some of our Available Mousepads, Posters & More

Here's a few of our items available on the Two Purring Cats Studio's Cafe Press site. Scroll through our different designs here.
The direct link to the store is:

Carolyn McFann, Platinum Author

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Bumblebee Tuna Commercial and More

Bumble Bee Tuna Commercial

When I grew up in the sixties and seventies, they had commercials with this same Bumblebee Tuna jingle. Now, they brought it back with some guy singing and playing a guitar. He looks like a throwback to the hippie years, possibly a Bobby Sherman lookalike. Whenever I see this commercial I wonder. I was too young to know much about sixties pop stars so I don't know. Still, this is an amusing commercial, whoever he is. Sort of creepy and funny at the same time.

Here's another commercial that if you listen to it, you'll probably have the song stuck in your head for the rest of the day.

Friday, March 20, 2009

A cool creature: the Mantis Shrimp

I've drawn this interesting crustacean many times, they are fascinating but look, don't touch. These guys pack a punch. Literally.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St.Pat's from Two Purring Cats!

It's St.Patrick's Day and being Scotch-Irish, it's my duty to celebrate, even if it is from home here at my desk. Living in Florida, I miss my hometown of Cleveland, Ohio and it's great parade that my friends and I used to go to every year. Things here in Florida aren't the same but there are celebrations around, which I may go check out later. Still, it isn't St. Patrick's Day without my buddy Linda Yee, who's up in Cleveland surely having a good time downtown. I'm there in spirit :)

See more about the pic above here, that's Beau my cat who is honorarily Irish today:

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Friday, February 27, 2009

The Studio has Made Zazzle Pro Seller Status

I got an email from Zazzle today, telling me that my store there has reached Pro Seller Status...woohoo! It feels good to see all the hard work paying off!

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