Thursday, June 28, 2012

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

My Precious Dad is a Real Trooper!!

Lately it's been really hard for my poor father. He's had problems with his lungs, heart failure, arrythmia and LOW heart rate. So low, he just had a pacemaker put in. Dad is a true survivor! He does it all with style and class, too..smiling and joking, being an excellent patient and doing whatever is needed. I truly admire him for his strength and tenacity during this extremely tough time.

My dad is a self-made man, coming from growing up on a farm originally. He was a very talented photographer in the US Navy and paid for college with his earnings. He went on to become an amazing architect. All my young life I was amazed at all the interesting projects he did, from Naval prisons and parts of the Cleveland Art Museum, zoos, universities, NASA, Tower City and much more. He did it all humbly and fiercely hardworking. At home, he was/is a loving father, and always loves his animals.

Now, in retirement, dad takes care of a family of cats he and mom rescued from the streets awhile back. He and mom love each and every one of them like the furry kids that they are. Those cats won the "feline jackpot" coming into this family!

As time has gone on, dad's chronic arrythmia got worse and worse, and this year he was rushed to the hospital multiple times, and ends up staying there a week at a time. First at Cleveland Clinic and now at University Hospital. He's gotten to know the staff at University and they remember him when he returns. He's a special man with a huge heart (that just needs some repair right now). I pray that the new pacemaker will help the other health issues to become less bothersome so my precious dad can enjoy his retirement peacefully without incident, with mom and I, and of course, the cats for a very, very longgggg time.

Whatever it takes to make him better, will be done. His team of doctors, physical therapists and nurses are impressive and efficient. It's quite amazing to watch the professionals take turns helping him. They work hard, very hard, and yet take time to explain what is going on and what to expect. His physical rehab team even visited him as he rested in Intensive Care two days ago! I can't say enough good about University Hospital, they are so wonderful.

So now, mom and I wait to bring him home from the hospital. He will be so happy to be able to have his kitties curl up on and around him back at home, and there will be a visiting nurse to make sure his health stays on track.
Being a worrier by nature, I worry a whole lot, but am comforted to know that my dear dad is feeling a bit better now with a regular heartbeat (thanks to the pacemaker). The nurse says it will make treating the other health issues easier. Good!

Here's to my dad, my hero. He is so very loved. I feel helpless about not being able to help him in feeling better but do my best to encourage him and think positively, as mom is doing. Together, we're a team. And we're getting through this, one step at a time!

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