Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A show called "Cheaters"

Here in the United States, we sure do have our share of "reality television." I watch some of it, especially those that are less "staged" than others. Take the series, Cheaters, for example. When someone suspects that their spouse or romantic partner isn't being faithful to them and have reasons to suspect, they call Cheaters. If selected, a crew of television people and private investigators seek to either prove or disprove that the potential cheater is being true to their mate or not. With video cameras, they record evidence if something is wrong, then show the worried partner what is going on. Then, with camera crew, host Joey Greco and the disgruntled spouse/significant other, they confront the cheater and his or her new partner, usually at a restaurant or at home, when they least expect it.

When you feel lousy about life, just watch this show, and it will make your problems seem very small in comparison. I'm not one for violence, just for justice. And, having had a cheating ex or two in my past, it's nice to know that some of the dishonest and shifty ones actually do get caught. Then, maybe they learn (or not).

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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Another Day in Paradise

Catching up on the latest tv internet coverage of what's happening in Pittsburgh, where I lived before Florida, to my total shock,there was my ex-boyfriend, who regrettably made the tv news. I never regretted leaving the man, who had a long list of big problems, disguised as a businessman. Now, here he was,being interviewed by a reporter for turning in his daughter (from a previous relationship before me) for robbing a gas station dressed as a ninja, complete with sword and dagger! Now, I've heard of everything. I hope she gets help while incarcerated, she was such a nice little girl before coming to live with him.

Far away from that madness, I relax here on my lake, it's a beautiful day and my orchids are blooming like crazy outside. I just got a few more orchids at a flower show, and they make my patio look like a subtropical wonderland. It's getting hotter down here in Florida, so I'm keeping cool here inside.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Our Economy Needs More Stimulation That Just a Check

I've been doing ok despite the disasterous economy due to Bush and his horrible presidency. Up in Cleveland, my parents are hanging in there, too, thank goodness. It will be great when Bush is out and someone else - anyone will do, practically - takes over the White House.

I've cut back on groceries, and don't drive since taxis are cheap and plentiful here. Buying in bulk has helped me weather this financial storm that has caused many families to lose their homes, sell family heirlooms to put food on the table, etc. Meanwhile, Bush says nothing's wrong. He actually went on a game show, and made some joke about the economy there, how stupid and tactless is that?? And, I really don't care that his daughter wrote a book, or that she's making wedding plans. Spare us all, the US has more important things to worry about, like basic survival.

We've been in a recession, big-time, though Washington won't admit it. They just spin propoganda to try to cover it up. It's like trying to put a Band-Aid on a broken leg, it doesn't help. Governmental fat cats feel nothing, since they're rich and aren't affected by the money crunch. What has happened to our government, yikes. I'm not political, but this is crazy. I feel fortunate that our family isn't suffering. It affects us somewhat - prices are too high for me to want to fly and see my folks, or drive. Too expensive. There, I'm off my soap box. It just saddens me to see such problems and suffering in our country. Bring back Bill Clinton, he did a good job, despite the Lewinsky thing. Go Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama! Either would do just fine. That's my two cents. Oh, and this..