Wednesday, October 06, 2010

A Busy Autumn

It's now early October, I've been 47 now for one whole month though I still feel about 25 in spirit :) It's a busy time here at my studio as I work on items for my store and anticipate the return of my "old" (only 2.5 yrs old) Dell from the repair people. The Dell has all my business/graphics software on it, whereas the new one doesn't. It's been nearly three months since I've used my Photoshop and I miss it. I haven't had the time to mess with learning the new graphics program that came with the new computer yet. It's important to be fully accustomed to software in order to be able to draw and paint with ease and competence. When I feel stress of not knowing a program, my art suffers. So, I'm going to welcome back the old computer, and my old Photoshop with open arms.

Learning new computer programs is enough to make me, a generally mild mannered person, become a flaming, hot tempered nutcase if I get frustrated enough. So it's best for me to hole up with the program and immerse myself with it, muttering cuss words under my breath from time to time as I plug away at figuring it all out. I even turn the tv off sometimes, and don't let anyone near me when I'm doing this, because it's best to work alone and fight it out with the computer. The satisfaction of learning it well is what comes in the end, though, and is worth well worth the effort. I have a few of these programs that I need to do this with, but won't give them the full attention that they deserve until the busy holiday retail season is over, in January.

Right now, I'm preoccupied in making quality products for my store, getting rid of those that aren't good enough and keeping my mind as calm as possible so that my creativity flows. I must be totally dilligent with focusing on what I'm doing and staying clear of stress, put my nose to the grindstone and work until a break is needed, ignoring distractions. When I emerge from my work bubble, I chat on Facebook, take my parents out to eat or talk to/see friends.

Life is busy and good. The cats go into "sleep" mode as I work. It's cold and dark out, a good time to be productive from the warmth and comfort of home. I just got around to ordering a heavy winter coat recently, just in time for winter. Last year I was too busy to do much quality shopping so it feels good to get a lovely long length coat (L.L.Bean) that can keep up with the harsh winters of living in the snow belt of northern Ohio. Coat and sweater-weather rocks. Down in Florida it was too hot to wear much of anytihng and I missed heavy coats, blankets and the like. I like soft, fuzzy fabrics and plan on buying lots of fleece and flannel clothing again this winter, too.

So, while most of the world gets ready to shop a lot this holiday season, I plan on working pretty much nonstop, then shopping sales later on once the retail madness ends. No time right now for trips, boyfriends, etc. When a business is totally a passion like mine is, forgoing other things as I work hard is not a sacrifice at all. I love my work and it seems to love me back. My profits are consistently up, up, up. Remembering people who laughed at me long ago, calling me names like "Crazy Cat Lady" for naming my business after cats or "Recluse" because I work so much, touche! I get the last laugh as you go to your 9 - 5 job, working for someone else who tells you what to do all day long. My life is my own, I have my own water cooler and work here at my lovely mahogany executive desk. Nobody yells at me to get them coffee or calls me "sweetie" or "honey", love it. Years of discipline pays off. Above money and all else, my freedom is priceless.