Friday, April 29, 2011

How to Avoid Untrustworthy Pet Rescues When Adopting a Dog or Cat

Snowman, the cat I am still trying to adopt, after a long and tiring fiasco via Lisa Creekmore and her foster, Jennifer Worthy Neal. A very upsetting experience.

Since mid March of this year, my attempt to adopt a rescued cat has been a nightmare. Not all rescues are this way, it pays to check the references and background of those you chose to do business with. Here are some tips to avoid unscrupulous, lazy or shady "rescuers". I have learned some lessons and will share with you my thoughts.

These days it's easy to find a new pet on Facebook. People like myself crosspost/share the names and faces of countless animals who sit on death row, needing to find homes, foster homes or legitemate rescuers. There are people who tell you they will gladly assist you to pull (get the animal off of death row so you can adopt it). This is well and good, but find someone to pull the animal who is reputable, complete with references for character and completed rescues. If the person cannot give them to you, move on.

Never give money to anyone who wants to pull an animal for you until services are rendered. Instead, if they are asking for payment up front for "expenses" and whine, cry and complain about their needs/job/how hard it is, run the other direction. I suggest if you do choose to donate then make sure it is when the transportation is confirmed, and only pay the service providers (veterinarian, transporter, etc). Paying the arranger who isn't reputable could leave you out money and still have no pet to show for it. Very risky, so just say no.

For best advice, contact true experts, namely 501c3 rescues, your veterinarian and owners of legitemate, well-documented rescues. It pays to be vigilant to avoid being used and abused by unreputable people. I did some searching after my so-called rescuer didn't deliver on the cat I want, and found by others who know of her that there have been problems with her in the past. Now I know. Too late. Learn from my pain.

If you find yourself unlucky enough to encounter such a person, who holds the pet over your head until they get money from you or take their sweet time doing nothing and not arranging anything, contact the authorities and others in the rescue field so they can be aware of and avoid this person. It may save an animal's life and save you wasting money. It pays to be careful.

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