Tuesday, March 27, 2012

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

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Thursday, March 08, 2012

Recuperating from Dental Surgery

The last few days have been lifechanging, as I have had some serious, wonderful dental surgery. All credit for this goes to my very talented oral surgeon/dentist, Dr. Richard Slaten and his staff at Perfect a Smile dentistry. Click the title of this entry to go to their website. My teeth were breaking off, one by one, due to infection and weakness. Infection itself from the teeth was poisoning me all over, draining my energy and health. It was out of control and this is the first phase of bringing back my smile.

All six of my frontal upper teeth have now been replaced completely with crowns and posts. It looks fabulous, what a beautiful job he did. I am still swollen, predictably, of course. It was major surgery, and one of the most mind blowing aspects of it all, the procedures were relatively painless! I must have had some very poor dentists in the past because this just goes to show what they all should live up to: being truly painless. I feel like a dork being so complimentary but it's unavoidable, this was outstanding work, the likes of which I've never had. And I've been to some so-called "superior" dentists in my past. Finally, I can feel "safe" in the hands of someone not only capable but courteous. Something must be wrong with me because I actually look forward to going back there for more work. Soon I will have the ability to eat hard foods again, when he puts molars back in, can't wait for that..I miss steak. Anyways, the results are so wonderful that I keep looking in the mirror, even if I'm still swollen :)

The weather is pretty lousy out, so I'm home, in bed here with my laptop, cat wedged up against me, watching my "Phantom of the Opera" DVD and drinking hot coffee. I was told to drink hot fluids, and I'm happy to oblige. Once the swelling goes down, I will post a photo but it's still a bit soon.

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