Friday, August 13, 2010

Getting Used to a New Computer

After my barely four year old Dell desktop decided to bite the dust, I got myself a new laptop. It's shiny, new and really it. The old computer is now at the repair shop, and I'll get it back later, after spending about $250 to get it fixed. I was going to forget about it but then I found out that my trusted graphic programs, all very expensive years ago when I bought them, no longer work when loaded into a new computer. Uuuuuugggh!! Computers, if it's not one thing, it's another!

So, in about a month I get the old computer back, and I'll be back in business at least on it. Till then, I get to play with my laptop, not doing much in the way of productivity but at least I can chat with friends, check my email and research things. I'm not complaining, as my business is set up to run itself, and I just collect the money..still, it's nice to be productive. I will make myself useful one way or another with the new computer in time and opening my wallet yet again to fork out big bucks for the professional Adobe products I use so much. I knew it was only a matter of time before the old programs became obsolete on new equipment, and now that milestone has been reached. Actually, I stretched their use out for at least five years longer than I'd expected to, so all in all, I did well.

At least I'm online. I am happy to be reconnected after being forced to be computerless for a few weeks. It was like going back to the pre-technology days, before computers were the norm. A dark and dismal place I would prefer not to return to :D
Time to go look at the prices of new programs. I'll get it together sooner or later. Note to self: Always have a backup computer ready to go with work software at the ready at all times! Until I get that old computer out of the repair joint, it's kind of a welcome break to just have fun online, and not work compulsively all the time for a change. I haven't played Solitaire in awhile..guess I'll indulge myself..time to be non-productive in style, with a super-fast processor and tons of memory.