Monday, June 13, 2016

Let's Try Peace, Not Killing

Rest in Peace to all victims of the tragedies in Florida. First there was the savage shooting of a young singer named Christina Grimm was killed by some crazed fan, and now, people in a nightclub. Senselessly gunned down by a terrorist. Young people with their whole lives in front of them, gone in the blink of an eye.
There's too much anger and hate in this world! And, there are too many guns, especially automatic assault weapons.

As I sit here watching CNN, as they talk about Orlando's tragedy, I think of the families of all the dead. They all have a long road of healing ahead, but no one can bring back their loved ones.

Life is fragile, and with crazed freaks out in the world, we all need to be vigilant of people around us when  in crowds. It's not the world I remember as a kid. Back then there were no fears of being hurt while in public. The government needs to do something and get this insanity to stop. Let's try peace and tolerance of people different from us to start.