Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A show called "Cheaters"

Here in the United States, we sure do have our share of "reality television." I watch some of it, especially those that are less "staged" than others. Take the series, Cheaters, for example. When someone suspects that their spouse or romantic partner isn't being faithful to them and have reasons to suspect, they call Cheaters. If selected, a crew of television people and private investigators seek to either prove or disprove that the potential cheater is being true to their mate or not. With video cameras, they record evidence if something is wrong, then show the worried partner what is going on. Then, with camera crew, host Joey Greco and the disgruntled spouse/significant other, they confront the cheater and his or her new partner, usually at a restaurant or at home, when they least expect it.

When you feel lousy about life, just watch this show, and it will make your problems seem very small in comparison. I'm not one for violence, just for justice. And, having had a cheating ex or two in my past, it's nice to know that some of the dishonest and shifty ones actually do get caught. Then, maybe they learn (or not).

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