Friday, January 11, 2013

It's been a busy year so far, I'm just getting caught up with projects and things after needing some well-earned rest during the holiday season. Outside it's still snowy but warming up. So far the winter here hasn't been bad at all. I have to take my Christmas tree down soon, and I dread that. The cats are attached to it (they sleep under it, stare at it, and when I begin taking the ornaments off, they all stop and watch with serious interest. I'm not going to be one of those people who leaves the tree up until it comes down this week.

My world is blissfully quiet these days, which is fine with me. The less stress, the better. How I love being out in the country where it's quiet. No more city living for me! Plus, the cats are occupied with bird-watching most of the time. Added bonus!

I'm getting back into the frame of mind to learn new software so I can be more productive on the computer, in a larger-scale. It's intimidating but I'm up for the challenge. Learning new things can be painful (I'm hard on myself when I learn, even if I love learning) but once I get it, my life is improved and made easier with this new knowledge.

My dear Beau who is ten years old, needed to go to the vet last week. Luckily she found nothing seriously wrong with him, other than some gastric disturbances. He is a big, tough cat and always intimidates veterinary staff. He even intimidated the vet herself! She took him briefly in the back so she and the vet tech could clean his ears, and I could all heck breaking loose in there. She tells me he is "very intelligent and the most difficult animals are also the most intelligent". She said he is very unique and strong-willed, and she doesn't see cats like this very often (in other words, he's tough as nails). They didn't do more poking and prodding, she told me that I can put him back in the carrier now..hehehe..she was glad that the examination was over! My dear boy, he's a total sweetheart pussycat with me, it's everyone else that annoys him. He's a good cat and I am glad that he is, who he is.

Now that the holidays are past, I'm going to take this time to learn, focus my mind and relax. When I get too strung out doing too many different things, my mind goes it pays to stay focused and take it one task at a time. Peace feels so good. I'm grateful for it. Choosing to cut ties with crazy relationships and put others at arm's distance has made my life so much happier. I go out when I want, stay in when I want, and there's nobody nagging or criticizing me. Love it.

The new year ahead will mean more products coming to my store (which, in turn means more work for me to design them). I welcome it and see many late-nighters (as opposed to all-nighters I used to do but being older, that's changed). Just brew a fresh pot of coffee and work my tail off here on the computer. There's a huge amount I still need to do now, but to stay fresh, breaks (like right now) are necessary. I've become a total computer geek but that's ok. I'll take this over working for others any day..that was SO unfulfilling and nerve-wracking. Being my own boss, I am not afraid or insecure. My job is to figure out what to do and how to do it, and it's fun, sort of a huge puzzle. I'm not lonely at all because of it, my passion, and of course the sleeping cats who are always by my side. They make great co-workers, conflict-free and are always relaxed, like Farrah here. :)