Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Making this Blog Easier to Load

To lighten the load computers have to bear when bringing up this page, I took off the YouTube videos for now. I will add more later in other posts until they slow loading of the page again, then they, too will be taken off. It's fun having them on, but too much of a good thing could crash a computer.

Things are a little tight right now. What I wouldn't give for an all out, no-holds barred shopping spree to buy stuff I dont' need but really want. I miss buying girly stuff like loads of new clothes, being pampered at the spa and other fun stuff. And, a fork and a frosting flower covered sheet cake sure would be great when all I eat these days is health food. I want to go nuts and throw caution to the wind, but in the end, I behave myself. Every now and then, I splurge, but not nearly often enough.

I'm busy drawing like crazy and searching the net far and wide for ideas on promoting my sites better. It's a puzzle to figure out,and I plan on cracking the code of online prosperity on my own, without falling prey to the many, many online scams trying to sell me marketing stuff. It's a big job wading through the internet muck and finding the right sites to self-promote. I'm still at it, stubborn about it as ever.

It's a lovely day in Florida, the sun is out and there's a gentle breeze. It's hot, but I'm indoors, in the air conditioning. I opened up the patio doors to the cats to see if they wanted to go outside, but they're no dummies. They turned around and went back indoors, once that blast of hot air from outdoors hit them. They enjoy nature from the picture windows. For example, see Beau on top of his cat tree, basking in cat luxury as I work tirelessly to give him this view:

All is well. I just need to figure out this SEO thing to make the most of internet advertising. I have so much to learn. One step at a will be done. There is gold somewhere at the end of the rainbow..just ask Starbucks (see below).

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