Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Funny Political Cartoons

Since the Presidential Election is only days away, and it's turned into a slugfest of words and insanity.. it's only fitting to add some humorous political stuff found on the internet, especially (of course) SNL and the talented cartoonists at

This is one non-stop political free-for-all at this point on Florida television. Living in a highly influential area of Florida, the "corridor" that politicians and the media are centered upon, it's a hotbed of signs, potshots and mayhem. Fascinating. I've got a pot of coffee brewed, CNN on tv and am watching the whole thing as I work. With a true life cast of characters like Joe the Plumber, McCain and Palin, who needs movies, sitcoms, soaps and the like?! Nobody could write a plot this engaging, or make this stuff up.

The absentee ballot is going in the mail tonight and I'm watching Barack Obama's half hour advertisement on tv later on. I'm just going with the flow and watching the fireworks fly. When this is over, Florida will be piled deep in campaign signs and everyone is going to be dazed and confused. Life as usual, what is that?? I'll be celebrating, though, if Barack Obama wins. He is intelligent, cool headed and focused..excellent attributes for the leader of the free world. Just ask Colin Powell, a Republican, the New York Times and just about everyone else. It'll probably be a very close race though, so till then, I'm watching..

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