Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Another Day in Paradise

Catching up on the latest tv internet coverage of what's happening in Pittsburgh, where I lived before Florida, to my total shock,there was my ex-boyfriend, who regrettably made the tv news. I never regretted leaving the man, who had a long list of big problems, disguised as a businessman. Now, here he was,being interviewed by a reporter for turning in his daughter (from a previous relationship before me) for robbing a gas station dressed as a ninja, complete with sword and dagger! Now, I've heard of everything. I hope she gets help while incarcerated, she was such a nice little girl before coming to live with him.

Far away from that madness, I relax here on my lake, it's a beautiful day and my orchids are blooming like crazy outside. I just got a few more orchids at a flower show, and they make my patio look like a subtropical wonderland. It's getting hotter down here in Florida, so I'm keeping cool here inside.

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