Tuesday, September 08, 2009

A Very Good Day

The Geauga County Fair, where we went on my birthday over the weekend.

Today my parents stopped over at my place unexpectedly, with some very good news. They think they've found a house, and took me over to it. Though my mom and I have had big differences over the years, I still am close to both my parents and do a lot of worrying about them since the Recession has been rather hard on their interests. Well, hopefully if all goes right, their housing problems may be solved. I pray that this happens, and that all goes as they plan it to.

The house is nearly 200 years old, with character and is surrounded by a park and majestic old trees. It has a lovely wraparound porch as well as an enclosed one for their plants. It was built before the days of mass stamped out boring homes, back when each house had its own individual character. The owner is a builder with a ton of money to put into it, and it looks very much like this will be a good match for them. So, I have my fingers crossed. They have lawyers and realtors ironing out the details and I am just going to hope for the best. It would be perfect for all of us, and make their lives much easier than the huge mortgage they currently pay. So far, so good.

It would be so nice to be able to live pretty close to them, and go to the restaurants nearby together. Dad is a retired architect and would do a lot of remodeling to it, which is great. He can use his skills for his own needs, and not let them go unused. It would be a great match, I pray the details go through with no hitches. We used to buy and sell homes when I was a kid, moving up to bigger ones each time, until they got the house they're in now, which they've been in for 30 years. I never liked it much, this new one has much more character and a homier feeling.

So, I wait, and hope. It warms my heart to know that they are so good at working deals and that dad's skills would come into play again. He's a gifted architect and could work his magic on it to make this place really amazing. Dad says it's like being 30 all over again, redoing and starting over. But, their attitude is positive and they are level headed about it. I thank God that they are intelligent with good business sense. And it would be great to get them out of the overpriced neighborhood they live in now. It's safe but there's too much traffic and it's too far away. Geauga county in general is more of a hometown atmosphere. They love it here in the country, and I really would like having my family nearby.