Saturday, July 05, 2008

To Move, or Not to Move..

My lease is up soon and my serene lifestyle at this lakeside apartment complex may be coming to an end. The rent is high to begin with, and now there is new management, who came in like bulldozers, raising rent even higher and being mean to the tenants. We are being bombarded with rude notes, stating rules that weren't there before, and warnings of various kinds - bulk messages sent to everyone, letting us all know who is in charge (among the aparment gestapo - an anal young woman with a huge chip on her shoulder and a large power complex). For this kind of money or less, I can find a better place, without the apartment dictatorship. Most rental agents are polite and want to help. Not this one. She obviously doesn't like herself or anyone else very much. What is this world coming to, geez. They hate old cars, are kicking those with dogs out, etc, etc. So much for a peaceful environment.

I found a potential new place, with a lake behind it,more square footage, convience to stores and the beach, and nice management. This holiday weekend I've been busy weighing what to do. This coming week I will make a decision and act on it. It's all a matter of money. I use my car less these days, so living in walking distance to a major grocery store would be a big plus. Plus, there's a great place for my studio office, with light, windows and room to move. Quiet neighbors and nice owners. It just may work. I have to decide soon, as I haven't paid rent for this month at this place. Hiring a mover and paying rent at the other place would be more to my liking, if (the big if), I can get a lot of items moved without breaking the bank. I have a lot of stuff and a back that can no longer handle heavy lifting. My last move nearly destroyed my spine and caused sciatica, so now I know better.

Either way, the cats will be happy. The new place has critters to watch, from turtles to ducks and egrets. There's no patio but many windows. All my orchids (currently residing on my balcony) would have to live indoors. Moving is a pain. Do I want to do this to myself or suffer through the new dictatorship (I mean management) who has taken over my formerly peaceful complex? Decisions, decisions.

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