Sunday, June 24, 2007

Learning about online marketing is a lot of work

I'm starting to get the hang of affiliate marketing, slowly, after much reading and research in general. At the bottom of my blog are some of the companies I've affiliated my business with. Please make sure to visit these great sites, as they keep food on my table and have products/services that you can really use!
I'm working hard to boost my income online, so that I can quit the day job and solely rely on not only my art studio but my writing as well. Money-wise, I see profits rise in both, slowly and steadily. Still, everyday living is expensive and I have to spend many, many hours hunched over at the computer to learn search engine optimization, and other online promotional venues to boost my web presence while not looking like a dork. Here is me (last year), where I usually am - at the computer, working late:

I live at this computer, and even dream of typing and html in my sleep from time to time. Wow, I've really become a computer geek. Well, it's ok, because working on this computer allows me to do my day job from home, and the rest of my work here, too. To break up the monotony, I sit at the drafting table and draw my drawings. It's nice to give my eyes a break from the computer screen here and there.

Here's my cat Beau, watching me work:

He sure has the life, and I'm happy to give him the best one possible. He's my desk kitty, always with me when I work.

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