Friday, June 01, 2007

The Daily Circus of the Phil Spector Trial

After work, I watched the trial of Phil Spector again. What is up with that guy? He is scary on so many levels. I really feel sorry for that lady, Lana Clarkson, whom I definitely think he killed. After seeing his many ex-girlfriends all tell the same story, that he threatened them with guns, it is hard to think that he actually behaved himself with Lana. She was stunning, and way out of his league. And apparently, very trusting of people she didn't know. The only thing she did wrong was to trust this man. In the end, she is dead, and when being booked by the police, he had the nerve to blame her death on her, in very derogatory and profane language. If that doesn't sound like a woman-hater to me, nothing does. His lawyers try in vain to blame it on her, too, by saying that she killed herself. Come on, people! If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck, it's a duck. End of story. If Spector gets acquitted, like many past stars have, I will have totally lost faith in our justice system.

Thinking about Lana, and why she went to Spector's so-called "castle" in the first place, my guess is that she was being polite. According to what was said in court, witnesses said he'd asked her to leave with him a few times, and she'd said no. That right there tells me that he was being pushy and somewhat desperate. She finally obliged to go with him, maybe she thought he could help her career along in some way. Befriending a famous producer who wasn't mental would've been helpful to an actress who was looking to get her career back on track. She rolled the dice on this one, and lost. So very sad. She could've been anyone's daughter. She was at the wrong place at the wrong time, and was caught in his trap. What a shame. She was found with her purse on her shoulder, in a chair next to the back door. She clearly wanted out. From what authorities say, he had romance on his mind. That would make me run for the hills, screaming. The terror she must have went through is unimaginable.

So, Spector sits in court, with his day-glo, polyester florescent pant-suits from the seventies and his fancy lawyers. He brought in a special chair for himself, so he could sit in total comfort during the proceedings. The ever-savvy prosecution team, seeing his attempt at looking superior, took the opportunity to bring their own pricey Aeron chairs too. He has spent his adult years being pampered, catered to and able to do whatever he wants. Well, if the jury has any sense whatsoever they will let him have the opportunity to see how luxurious a jail cell will be for his murderous ways. I remember in the seventies when there were reports of his being mean to his then wife. I was a kid and thought, "That guy is nuts." Well, now everyone seems to be agreeing with me. He doesn't help matters any by waving guns in women's faces, or going to court wearing clown outfits and crazy wigs.

To top everything off, Mr.Spector got married again. As everything else in his life (story about that fateful night, the hair, etc) that marriage is surely fake, too. He probably needed someone female to show the court that he is capable of being around women, and she probably needed money and security (an actress - oh, the shock!) No money in the world is worth living with a monster like that, in my opinion. If he's acquitted, she gets him forever. Or, until the money runs out from paying all those pricey lawyers. Either way, that marriage is a show in itself. They parade in with bodyguards every day, what for? He is hardly a rock star. Maybe he was famous in music once, but now, well - most people don't even know who he is other than he's on trial. Bodyguards. They have the easiest job in the world, protecting someone nobody notices. People would rather run from this guy than run towards him, I imagine.

I think Spector has let his past fame cloud his judgment and fool him into believing he is all-special, invincible and can do no wrong. Time will tell, when the verdict is read. Until then, I watch and and strangely fascinated by the craziness of the whole thing. That trial is more riveting than any soap opera. Lana never deserved this. I hope there is justice and that her family gets the verdict that they hope for. I've never known her but I've had friends when younger. We were social and used to go out as a group, to socialize in higher class restaurants and clubs. Nobody was ever in danger. We used to go out to breakfast at Perkins Pancakes after clubbing. Going to a stranger's home alone was a no-no way back when. Nowadays, even moreso. Lana was a little older than I am, so she probably thought since he had a driver and was famous, that he was trustworthy. This just goes to show, meet strangers in public places, and stay in public places until a true friendship is built.

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