Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I can't sleep tonight but am making the most of it

It's nearly 4am in the morning, but I'm wide awake. Worrying about money has taken over my ability to sleep. I'm working through the financial issues, and will get through them. In the mean time, I'm going to work hard, and do everything that I can to set myself up to make money online. Being up at night, I can forget the distractions of daytime, and peacefully work at the computer.

I worked an all-night job once, as a telephone operator, many years ago. It was a very peaceful job, since the phones stayed still most of the time. It was hard to adjust to not sleeping at night, but I did it for awhile. Back then, in my twenties, I was a ball of energy. Now, I have energy but not as much as back then. Why mine crops up in the middle of the night sometimes, I'll never know for sure. My brain just doesn't shut off, and is always thinking and analyzing. It can make me feel overloaded frequently, when going through problems like right now.

In a few hours, it'll be time to work again. I'd better get some sleep, if I plan to be good at my job. Being in sales, it is important to be "up" when working. It's harder to be that way when I'm not rested.

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