Friday, June 15, 2007

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are Definite Class Acts All the Way

Last night on Larry King, I saw Angelina Jolie being interviewed. What a classy lady. Forget all the silly gossip about her and Brad Pitt, the two of them are making a difference in the world, both in the US and abroad. More stars should follow suit and donate money to worthy causes, instead of flaunt their wealth.

It's commendable that Pitt and Jolie are adopting children and want more. Since they have the means, committment and desire, they'll make great parents to any lucky kids they have. They should have more biological children, too. Any positive and quality additions to the human gene pool would be an asset. Just look at Shiloh, what a gorgeous baby.

One project they're doing is working on a housing development of some kind for the Hurricane Katrina victims. Brad Pitt is an architecture buff, and is taking the project very seriously. Who cares if he left his ex for Angelina, some relationships weren't meant to be. Obviously, that was one of them. The focus is now on what he and Angelina can do to help others, while raising their kids, and doing other obligations. They sure are a busy couple. I wish I had just a little of that amazing energy of theirs. They are great role models for kids, so I hope the news does more to document all the great work that they are doing.

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