Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Bugs sure do grow big down here in Florida

Originally being from the outer suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio, I am used to natural surroundings and an occaisional insect. But, since moving down to Florida, my knowledge of bugs has increased dramatically. Up north, there may be a few species of insect that can be troublesome. Down here, it pays to make sure the critters in your neighborhood stay outdoors, and don't come inside of your home.

It pays to live in a development that regularly sprays for bugs. Also, living on a higher floor helps, for the creepy-crawlies who don't care to crawl fly up high. When I first moved here, I had a lovely apartment on the first floor of a classy building. Unfortunately, everything crawled in, even with spraying, including huge cockroaches, ants of every size, and even termites! The owners of the building had to have the entire building "tented" to keep the lovely, old building from being consumed by the wood-chomping little buggers. Buildings with termites have to be tented every so often, so I moved. The heck with that.

Now, I live up high, and have nothing more than fruit flies (they grow those big down here, too!) and a tiny sugar ant or two. Nothing else. Oh, and down here in Florida, anyone with indoor pets STILL has to put Frontline or Advantage flea protection on them, because cats and dogs get fleas even indoors. It's unavoidable.

So, if you move to Florida, it's a great place to be but make sure to bring bug repellant or spray with you if you live in a place with lax bug extermination policies. Better yet, hire an exterminator to come monthly. Living among nature is wonderful, but bugs are the price you pay to live down in a tropical climate.

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