Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Getting the Car Fixed and Being Proactive About Safety

My normally trusty car has had some issues this year, so it's now in the shop getting fixed. I'm waiting back from the mechanic to see how much the final cost will be as I write this. I went to a few different mechanics and the basic estimates were all the same, so I chose the one who let me make payments and know in detail what the problems are. During all of this, I discovered that nearly all of the chrome lugnuts on my car were missing (I rarely look at my wheels)..and am sure I know who did that. I have rude neighbors who aren't friendly at all, and one of them spends a lot of time fixing his car next to mine. So, I'm going to set up yet another surveillance camera in my bathroom window, and get it recorded, then bust him to the police. Amazing what people will do and what nastiness they go through when they don''t even know me. People who are jealous, angry at the world and disadvantaged can be really mean. It's their problem, and it will get them arrested eventually. I have all the time in the world to record the evidence and make reports to the police, so they will be well documented when I finally get the recording done. They are too ignorant to realize they are digging themselves in deeper and deeper, the more that they do, but that's ok. I'm not intimidated and will carry on. And press charges.

So, the car is in good hands, and I'm just relaxing after doing all the car things this afternoon. My birthday is in two days, but I'll ignore it since I have work to do and an overwhelmed (at times) brain that shuts down if overstimulated with too much thoughts of whether to get another car or not. Just need to do my work, there's lot to do. We now carry wallets (yes!!) from basic trifolds and denim ones with coin purses to elegant, beautiful leather ones in different sizes. I have done about 75 so far and will do many more, along with working on a bunch of cellular phone cases that need tweaking (since we changed brands from Speck to Casemate it left some of my designs on already made products either askew or too big). Lots of them to go back and redo. I've done many, but many more are coming up that need fixing, too. I'd love to get an employee, could keep the person busy 40 hours a week, for sure, but won't spend the money on that right now. I will see big dollar signs for these substantial repairs but it's worth it since I like the car and will keep it, even when I do get another one.

It pays to have a second car when you're a woman alone. If one car dies, there's another for backup to use. I did that before years ago and foolishly sold off the other car after awhile. Learned my lesson. With the prices of used cars going up so much in the last decade, it's best to hold on to a good used car. I sincerely hate making large monthly payments on cars (and the full insurance that always goes with them), and will avoid it at all costs. When I have a car that is good and trustworthy, I stick with it. My dad has always done this, so I think I get that from him. He had a Chevy Nova when I was a kid that he kept until it was dangerous to drive (you could see the ground as you drove because the floor rusted out). The muffler fell off of it when he was trading it in at the dealership for another car.

Fifteen years ago I had a car that I kept far too long and the tie rods went out when I was driving it in South Euclid. The wheels just wobbled in different directions all of a sudden as I was driving down Warrensville Road. Lucky for me there was a road crew of nice men who saw it happen and came to my aid as I parked it on the side of the road. They rigged it with a coat hanger so it could be driven, then one of them followed me in his car to the mechanic I used back then. The nice mechanic (on Cedar Road at the now defunct Procare)didn't charge me for labor, just parts and that was lucky. The bill would have been HUGE if he hadn't. He saw how shaken up I was and gave me a break. After years of being propositioned by sleazy mechanics (NO thanks!)or being swindled out of (or at least trying to) my money by some who padded the invoices with uneccessary charges (only to get argued with until they backed down because I knew they were doing it), it means a lot to have an honest, good mechanic who is fair. I look sweet but can be extremely tough if necessary. Learned that from being messed with too much in my youth. When I get really mad (as in getting attacked or hurt), I'm strong as a bull and can fight. My ex-husband punched me in the face once, and I whipped out a can of pepper spray and used it on him as he lunged for me(he was violent and I kept it for self-protection). He never did it again. When I left him he told me, "You're the strongest woman I've ever met". Don't know about that, but I'm no wimp. I rarely show anger, but am unafraid to stand up when needed.

Anyways, I feel good knowing that the car is being taken care of, and I've rearranged appointments I had so I don't have to be anywhere for awhile. Now I'm in my recliner, just finished watching the news and am going to go rest. A busy day. How I hope for better days ahead this week.

Made a police report tonight, documenting missing lugnuts on my car. The police officer took it seriously and was excellent..he served and protected. We were talking in the yard and the neighbor in question came outside and sat on his stoop as we talked..so the officer told me he was going to go talk to him. He invited me to come with him but I declined, I don't care what the guy says. This will be happening again and again whenever anything of mine is vandalized. I will get it all on record. It pays to be patient and wait for vandals to hang themselves with their own rope. I have no time for this garbage. Now, I will forget about it and go back to work. Life is good.