Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Time to Rest and Enjoy Doing Absolutely Nothing of Value

Today was a beautiful, cool Autumn day, so mom came and picked me up, and took me back to their house for the day. I've been stressed lately and it felt good to go do a few chores, spend time with my parents' kittens and see mom's gardens. Family time is so important, and I was also able to help mom look for one of their cats, who escaped through a window and has disappeared. We didn't find Felix but he's not the type of cat who will go up to strangers, and hopefully he'll make his way back home. I will alert Rescue Village that he's missing, as they have people (pet detectives?) who look for lost animals.

Dad is busy working on his projects in his office, and he's very skilled with making just about anything, so it was fun talking to him about his ideas. Mom has been doing leaf printings, making stationery and having a great time with that (Oriental ink brushed on leaves then pressed into paper, very pretty!). It's so wonderful to have such a creative family. And cute kitty cats around, too. The two kittens Blackie and Felice, sat with us on the front porch and had fun watching mom make stationery. Then, they'd tussle, chasing eachother with such energy, throughout the gardens and back up onto the porch before wearing out and retreating to their favorite chairs. They both let me pet them now, and follow mom all over the place. Love those little ones. They are precious.

No news yet on my car. Until then, I have a friend to help me, and mom took me to get my distilled water (my water supply was running low, as out here in the country, faucet water is ok for washing and doing dishes but it tastes terrible (too salty), so I have to have my water delivered. I'd been out of water for a week for the first time, and it was getting precarious..not enough water to make, that's an emergency! Cats have always had their water, I make sure they are always getting what they need first and foremost, no matter what.

Mom & Dad

My parents and I went out to eat before they dropped me back at my house, and so I'm sitting here, stuffed and feeling mellow. We had driven out in the country a little while, with its rolling hills and now, Fall colors are coming into the trees and fields. Here in Ohio, there are purple Aster flowers all over the place, as well as Goldenrod (terrible for those allergic to it but very pretty yellow flowers for the rest of us non-allergy sufferers). This is only the beginning of the upcoming colorful displays, as the trees prepare to color up. Living in the country is heavenly, with Amish buggies going here and there, the smell of burning leaves in the air. We noticed a new little coffeehouse on my road (a couple miles from my house), so that's nice to see. They have a full line of coffee drinks, donuts, and Gyros, the sign said. My kind of place. We desperately need a Starbucks out here, but since there isn't one, any decent coffeehouse will do.

The cats are fed and the sun is now setting. Rays of the last sun are falling on me as I type. It makes me so happy to see that there are people who care about me, and that my parents are happy. Mom stopped to say hello to my cats, who watch her with interest, not afraid, just curious. She marveled how little Farrah has blossomed into a beautiful, fuzzy wuzzy white Persian fluffball. She bounds around, wanting to play and making chirping noises at me. The cats enjoy my "fake fire" fireplace, that puts out fake flames (I don't want real flames around my pets, way too dangerous), and it gives off substantial heat in the Winter, as well. It looks very realistic from a distance, and the dancing "flames" spark cat curiousity. They like to sit in front of it and watch. I got it going for the first time in months, now I know Fall is officially here.

Farrah and her straw

So, hopefully tomorrow I'll get news on my car. I'm so glad my parents' Buick Roadmaster is strong and safe for them. We've all been through a tough month or two and their car was in the shop before. But now, just in time for cold weather, they are safe and secure, it works fine and all is ok there. Hope for the same with my car, once I get it back. I will be paying it off for awhile, which will be tough, but at least I'll have a safer car to drive. With snow coming, it pays to have a safe vehicle with the steep roadside dropoffs around here. In the winter, we all sort of hiburnate. Who wants to be out in blizzards? Not any of us. We're enjoying this lovely weather while it lasts, until then. Autumn..the best time of year. It's priceless to have friends and family to share it with. Despite some stressful financial setbacks, life is still good.