Saturday, September 07, 2013

Some Days It's Better Just to Stay in Bed..But I Won't

When it rains, it pours. Today I got up, it's a beautiful day and I was ready for it. My car may still be in the mechanics' but I could work on my new drawing that I just pretty much finished last night, just needed a few final touches. Went to turn on the laptop and it's dead! Deader than a doornail. After awhile I got it working again. Phew. Then, I went to turn on one of the room fans and it is dead. Too good a fan to trash so I will put it in the storage room and deal with working on it another day. Felt like drop kicking the thing into the lake down the street but those feelings passed quickly and logic took over again. ;) Time to finish up this drawing and make a backup CD (artists...ALWAYS back up your artwork on a CD, thumb drive, portable drive, etc!!).

The other day I bought a bunch of fresh peaches and raspberries. Maybe later today or tomorrow I'll make a pie or cobbler with some of them. For now I'm drinking coffee, don't feel hungry but had a bit of cereal, now it's time to work. I'm listening to Robin Thicke's song, "Blurred Lines", good song. That whole VMA award show scandal was so dumb. I don't watch these things because it's ridiculous the stunts people pull on there just for attention. There's trouble in Syria, much more important than slutty Miley Cyrus taking over the show with her sleazy antics. Robin Thicke was upstaged by that mess, but his song is great anyways. The video is a bit mysogynistic but young people seem to like that these days. I'm old fashioned..prefer less sexualized videos, but still like the music. There's so many good songs on the radio, keeps me upbeat as I work to listen to them. When things are really stressful or I want to feel calm, though, listening to classical music is better. Love it all..everything but rap (one letter away from "crap").

It seems to me that Zazzle is making it harder and harder to make a good living, but I'm hanging in there so far. My income is down two-thirds of what it used to be, for the last two months. Time to branch out, do more artwork and not put all my eggs in one basket. I've been very loyal but am watching what is going on very carefully. Never burn bridges, corporations do what they do to make more money..but it remains to be seen who that money is for. For us or for them? The corporate way is cold and hard..I am not happy about it but will not let emotion get the best of me or jump to conclusions. New products are being introduced for us to design so that is best to concentrate on. Money is still there to be made, and I will grow the business with or without Zazzle. Failure has never, ever been an option for me, just have to work harder and smarter. The art is the easy and fun part. So, it's time to do that and stop getting down about corporate bs.

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