Saturday, August 31, 2013

My Garden in Late August..Still Going Strong

Tomorrow will be the first day of September, the month when things start cooling down around here in Northeastern Ohio. Already there are leaves beginning to fall from my maple trees, a bit early but the transition to Autumn has already begun. As Summer starts fading, some types of plants finish their flowering and the Fall bloomers start coming alive with color.

Morning Glories are now blooming like crazy. Floral fireworks every day from dawn to mid-day

There are some plants that just keep on going, such as Dianthus, Coreopsis, Portulaca and others. They are powerhouse flowers that just keep blooming.

The blueberry bushes are pretty well finished producing fruit now, but they sure had a great run. Next year I'm getting more berry bushes such as raspberry, black+raspberry and others. It's so great to have pesticide-free berries and herbs. Here are the Basil plants, who have turned into bushes. Time to make a bunch of pesto, before it gets cold and they all die off.

Two of my basil plants..and one of the big bumble bees that love them

This year I planted a Buddleia or Butterfly Bush that has three different colors of blooms from dark and medium purples to white. So far I'm seeing the medium and white colored flowers, which are very pretty, no sign of the darker purple yet. The plant is very young and so far is thinking it's a groundcover. When it finishes blooming, I'll trim it into a bush shape. I'm just glad it's happy and already beginning to flower.

Butterfly Bush flowers

So, that's how my garden grows right now. I'm going to miss all of this when the growing season is done. May have to get more indoor plants and continue the gardening indoors for the Winter. I used to do that before moving to Florida awhile back, grew a jungle in my former apartment's sliding glass door window areas. I think the Hibiscus tree I already have will be having more plants to keep it company this year. Having colorful flowers and green plants make Winter so much better. Until then, my garden still grows and grows.