Sunday, September 08, 2013

Another Day, Another Electronic Malfunction: Thinking Happy Thoughts..Rainbows..Butterflies..

After working all day on the laptop (HP Pavilion DV7), I shut it off last night, and went to bed. Whoops. Tried to start the blasted thing this morning and it's dead again. Looks like I used that battery to the end of it's life and then some. The battery is from 2010, so I can't a few years use of it. Still, why now..when the car is costing me a fortune in repairs of money I don't have. Life goes on. I am now holed up in my office, and it's center of my world. Wherever the working computer is, that's where I am.

Pulled the battery out and tried to read it. Teeny, weeny microscopic letters look like a mass of nothing to these aging eyes. Rooted around looking for a magnifying glass, since my reading glasses aren't strong enough to read it (no doubt those who designed the graphics on the batteries are NOT over 40!). Got out my magnifying lamp, given to me by a friend years ago, and looked the model number (which was still hard to pick out due to the veritable sea of numbers and letters all over the thing)and the battery is around $50 online. Ok, will get it. Who needs groceries this month, anyways ;) Until then, I'm in my office. Life goes on. I'm in the wrong line of business...selling plastic electronic parts for just about anything at high prices, now they coin it. As for me, right now, not so much. Come on, holiday season! I expect another good year ahead...well, I'm wishing and hoping for one, anyways.

Which leads me to my Zazzle stores. I spent the day organizing and designing products, cutting some of the royalties and hoping for the best. Too high royalties, things don't sell. Too low (and low sales) you make nearly nothing. The age-old marketing dilemma..where to put the prices at?! Oh, heck..I've only been at this my entire adult life..and I still don't know most of the time. It's a bunch of trial and error. If I put the prices low and they sell great, that is good. I give it a few weeks and if nothing is moving by then, the rate ends up higher again. Some items are consistently high priced and they sell ok. Go figure. It's a crap shoot, basically.

Beau stalks birds the lazy cat way, in bed, watching "CBS Sunday Morning" on TV while I work

I got a real Duncan Phyfe table with claw legs for $20 not long ago. It is in desperate need of sanding and refinishing on the sides. I cleared away all the nasty, peeling and ugly veneer and it looks better but the last amount will have to be steamed off with an iron. I might do that this coming week before it gets cold. At least projects like that, I have a decent amount of control over unlike computers and cars. My grandmother was a very successful antique-dealer and used to redo expensive (but needing refinishing) furniture along with my grandfather, who died when I was 5. They would get gorgeous furniture from Southern plantations and other fancy venues down South every year (half the year in Florida and the other half in Ohio) then bring it home to Hudson and make them beautiful again. Mom learned from them, and I used to watch her redo a beautiful judge's mahogany desk that became my desk as a kid, along with other pieces. Those were the days. As an adult, I have refinished a fair amount of wood furniture but am no expert at it. Old pieces with carved and beautiful wood were done with true craftsmanship. It's hard to get nice furniture like that now without paying a lot for it (which I have done..but avoid it). Particle board furniture is ugly and I won't have it in my place. Yuck. A little elbow grease and love, and old becomes new once again. Love it.

Well, a new week is coming. I should get my car back, which will make life so much better again. I drew a butterfly last night and will spend the week putting it on products. I'm losing weight, another happy thing. My once too tight pants are now baggy on me. Woohoo. Life isn't all horrible, just feels that way sometimes. Now, back to working on this computer. Here's another cat pic..Farrah being cute. Later!

Farrah watches birds from the kitchen table