Thursday, September 19, 2013

Pushing Heavy Recliners Upstairs and Other Things

It's a quiet evening as I relax here in my office. It's cold and overcast, I've been inside all day, getting some things done. I've been over-stressed lately and so being busy is good, to burn off anxiety and stress. Today the office needed some re-arranging. Sitting on hard, wooden chairs isn't good for my back, which is doing ok but I remember when it was messed up from a herniated disk years ago and don't want a repeat of that. So, I decided to get one of my recliners downstairs and bring it upstairs. My main staircase is somewhat narrow, and after two tries of pushing it with all my might, it just wouldn't fit. I'd given up on it (yesterday), along with taking it apart (it was stuck, naturally).

Fast forward to today. Armed with WD40 oil spray and a phillips'-head screwdriver, I tried again. To my amazement, I got it apart, and brought it upstairs, in two pieces. This is not the prettiest recliner, reminds me of Marty Crane's old barcalounger in the TV series, "Frasier", minus the gross striped fabric and duct-tape. But, it's SO comfortable! And, being a woman who tends to stick with what she likes, it stays until it falls apart. The ol' La-Z-Boy has at least a few more years of life left in it, and now it's nicely in my office, where it can serve its purpose without being seen by the general public :) No more hard-as-rock wood chair to sit on all day (and all evening) long. I must be getting old when stuff like this actually makes my day, but it does. Add a donut-pillow (helps the lumbar area of the spine) and fleece cushion on top, and it's worth its weight in gold (well, almost). Many artists have back problems from working long hours, it pays to take care of that spine!

So now, I'm ready for my next marathon. Time to think up something to draw. Pot of coffee by my side and medicine, used to help take down the swelling since the dentist worked on my teeth yesterday. It feels good to know that the teeth were actually healthy enough to work on, after many months of waiting for them to heal before closing the root canals. He did it, they are now closed! Sure, my gums are very, very angry for being messed with, and my top lip is still a bit swollen (I bear remarkable likeness to Donald or Daisy Duck right now, from the side). But, it's better than it was yesterday. I'm just very allergic to so many things, and my system reacts like this when messed with. The dentist did an amazing job, now to just let it heal for now.

Talking to people here and there, it's interesting to see how the lousy US economy is affecting us all. It's scary losing income, and many people (including myself) have had cuts in their income, or increase in bills. Or both(me). When I was very young, I temped, taking many jobs simulataneously here and there, to keep going while starting my little business. I never want to return to those days. Being a temp (temporary office employee) is brutal. It's like being a substitute teacher thrown in with a bunch of rowdy teenagers. No thanks. I'm just going to work harder, and hope for the best. Sales are coming in, the volume of sales needs to grow, that is what worries me. Deep breaths, one day at a time. How I wish I wasn't "Type A": normally pretty anxious and nervous inside. Just need to relax, think positive and not assume the worst.

On the bright side, mom and dad are healthy, I'm healthier than I was a year ago. Cats are ok. Things could be worse. A lot worse. So, it's time to look forward to the holidays. Every day on Facebook, my cat-loving friends and I save death row cats from being killed, by finding them homes. We're committed to doing something to help those who cannot help themselves, and it works! We all have a lot to be thankful for.