Tuesday, September 10, 2013

New Store, NO Time..It's Time to Work Even Harder Now

Since business is very slow momentarily at my stores, I'm now expanding to more venues. I have smaller stores elsewhere on the internet that haven't made much because I just don't do anything with them but seeing that our marketplace sales are so low, it's time to do something with all of them. I'm very loyal to Zazzle, but will expand out my loyalty, because it pays to be proactive, and not put all your "eggs in one basket". Seriously. Nowadays, it's rare to find a place that is 100% loyal back to us. Why so many people switch jobs when many years ago, they used to stay at their jobs long-term and get a gold watch after many years of service to their company. Those kind of jobs are few and far between. Working for myself, I have the freedom to go where I want, and do what I want. No burning bridges, stay professional always and business goes on.

So, I'm learning the ropes back at CafePress. I had a successful store there years ago but migrated to Zazzle..but now the conditions are right there to re-open my store over there, selectively choosing what goes into it. It takes time, patience and more learning. After being up till 2am last night, working on both POD's, I am wide awake and at it again today. I called CP and talked to them to get some advice, and now I'm back in action, getting things done there. It will take awhile to get the clientele built but that's ok, it will come.

Now, it's back to work for me. I don't have time to waste. My car, which has been in the shop for the last week, is finally finished and I should be getting it back today. It will be so great to have wheels again. I've been stir-crazy without the car..and my other computer, which needs a new battery. This second computer here in the office is good, though..not as fast as the other one but it gets the job done. I believe in always having backups for electronics. Someday I will get another car and use my current one as a backup. Pays to be resourceful in life. Having been on my own since age 17, I know a thing or two about that. Sink or swim..and I refuse to sink.