Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Being Single is Awesome

Here is my article published this morning on CNN regarding singlehood and how great it is. I love being single, here's why:

Reading about how so many women get a bad attitude about being single, it just amazes me. For years I dated actively, never being single for long. It was fun to date at first but got more and more tedious so I just lost interest in it and stopped a few years ago. Nobody needs to feel sorry for me, not at all. Why? Because my life is better now than it ever was in the past.

For years I played the dating game, but now my energy is put into my career, and I've learned to really have fun with it. The passion of my younger years is back into my life, as I can fully concentrate on meeting the needs that just weren't met when I was a wife or girlfriend. I have the satisfaction of my business growing, respect from my peers for not just ending up in another relationship nighbmare. I truly think being single is totally underrated.

In my twenties, I knew older women in their forties and fifties who loved being single and thought they were just giving up. It wasn't true, they were professionals with full careers and happy lives. In time, I too learned that being single is a glorious sense of freedom, giving me the time and energy to put all that energy formerly used for dating into myself, my friends and work. It is beyond satisfying, allowing me to travel and socialize freely with no romantic stress.

Single ladies who think that life is over without a man, change your attitude and look at the positives in life as a single. You can eat breakfast for dinner, in your underwear in front of cartoons without ridicule or scorn. You don't have to cook dinner for anyone, nor do you need to account for where you went, or what you're doing to anyone. It's a wonderful feeling to have time alone, with no apologies. The beauty part is, if you decide later that you want to date, you still can.

Men have asked me out in the last few years but I haven't taken them up on their offers. I don't hate men, but I just consider my freedom a precious gift and don't want to give it away to anyone. For me, being single not only works but helps me to really know myself better and enjoy life. It may not be for everyone, but the trick is not to be miserable about it.

Life is what you make it. You can either make it the way you want or you can wait for Mr.Right to come along and save you from your sadness. I got wiser as I aged and at 45 I'm happier now than I was when with a significant other in my younger years. Give singlehood a try, without judgment. You may just like it.

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