Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Want to see me draw a quick sketch? Here you go..

I did this quick sketch on a little program online, nothing fancy, didn't take the time to make it look totally polished, but you get the idea. It's me drawing in almost real time. Sometimes it will seem like I stopped but it's just me erasing or blending a color or two. Set the speed bar to fast (it pops up if your cursor is at the bottom of the drawing while in play mode).

And yet another. The quality of these drawings isn't optimal due to the program being rough, I have to work very quickly, as it closes without warning and loses the pic. Plus, the eraser is ROUGH edged. Ugh. Still, it's fun to do:

Here's a video of me being interviewed by a national news reporter in a fancy Florida penthouse for a promo piece a few years ago:

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