Monday, April 13, 2009

Preparing for the big move

Preparations are underway for my big move back to Ohio from Florida. It's a big job but worth it in the end. I could stay where I'm at but Florida is too hot and I miss my family. My new place is big and historic, in the outer suburbs of Cleveland near my hometown of Chagrin Falls. It's close enough to the city to be accessible to everything but far enough away to have fresh air and Amish neighbors. Amish cooking is the best, and I am looking forward to having breakfast in local restaurants every day. Such a difference from the urban sprawl of Largo, Florida. This part of Florida is great for those who love the city. I like it but only now and then, not all the time. It will be a relief to be among higher quality people than my current place, which is an unpleasant and less than safe condo complex. It's back to safety and refined living for me instead of humidity and scary people. If you're thinking of moving to Florida, interview your potential neighbors to make sure they aren't troubled people. It's a melting pot of good and bad down here.

I've rented a truck to drive up north, and will visit relatives in different states on my way up. I usually rent hotels when driving long distance but have been invited to visit so I'm going to enjoy this trip and take my time as I travel. With two cats traveling along, they will benefit from animal-loving family too. It's going to be fun. I'll get my usual Starbucks coffee for the road in a thermos, stop at the Florida produce store along the highway on my way out of state and load up on Florida products then hit the road.

Lucky for me, my business is not affected by the move in the least. And my friends are still accessible by email and chat, so it will be wonderful to live in my new home in horse country, away from the rat race somewhat. Down in Florida, it is expensive to ride but where I come from, boarding is cheaper and in my opinion riding stable facilities are nicer (you get more for your money). I'd done portraits at a riding stable in South Tampa where the rent was $1000 per month, the horses were old and overpriced and the owners were rude to anyone who didn't make large amounts of money. The nice ladies I did horse portraits for were buying horses way past their prime for $20,000 and up! Wow, it was eye opening. I came down to Florida thinking this would be a great place to ride, but see that it is the opposite, unless you have big bucks for the higher quality stables in Ocala or other places than South Tampa. Live and learn.

So, the movers come fairly soon, and will pack my truck for me, then off I go. It's been a long time since I've lived up north, and it's hard to believe that I actually miss the snow and variable northern weather! I'll have to buy a winter coat since my Florida-weight coats and jackets aren't good enough for the snow belt of Ohio, where I'll be. But it's ok, I can safely say that I have the wanderlust of wanting to live in Florida fully out of my system now. It's possible in the future I may live in a warm climate again but not this far south. Virginia is a gorgeous place, and a strong possibility later on, but for now it's back to Ohio's maple syrup producing countryside, true Midwestern life with nature all around. It's exciting, and I'm looking forward to it.

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