Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Moving Day isn't far Away

I'm busy packing, sorting and organizing, in preparation for my move back to Ohio from Florida. It's about an 18 hour drive, and I'll be driving a rented truck with two cats along for the ride. I'm both excited and horrified at the same time. I like adventure but not when I'm bringing along all my stuff. I've always been a passenger when in moving trucks long distance, not the driver. So, it's a new experience and I'm going to make it fun by not pushing myself too hard.

In a packing frenzy over the weekend, I inadvertently packed the coffee scoop/measure. When I went to make coffee, it occured to me that it was located in the bottom sealed box of a six foot stack of boxes. Forget that. I used a tablespoon instead and made coffee so strong it was like a cup of Brazilian espresso, thick and potent. The only way I can drink stuff like that is with a ton of sugar. I prefer my coffee black, and am getting better at portioning the coffee so I don't go nuts on a sugar/caffeine high.

It will be a wonderful day when I can pull out of the parking lot of this miserable condo complex to a beautiful new place far, far away from the urban sprawl of where I am now. How wonderful it will be to be home for Thanksgiving, and to be in horse country in Ohio, where it's more affordable to ride at quality horse farms than it is down here, where most farms are overpriced and shabby (unless you spend really big bucks to go to a superior one). Up north, superior ones are not as pricey, since hay is farmed up there. Here in Florida, they have to import hay from the north, making it more expensive.

After much travelling and globe-trotting, I am glad to settle in a more quiet atmosphere. It's quaint, in an elegant atmosphere and my building is historical. No taking my life in my hands to cross the street here. Where I am now is at the third most dangerous traffic intersection in Pinellas County (at the end of our street, in walking distance from this place). I hired a cab to take me across the street to Starbucks, to avoid getting creamed by cars, the other day. It was worth it, loooove Starbucks. I plan to visit many along the route from here to home when I do the move. Life is always better with a venti Caramel Macchiato in your hand.

Rainbow over Starbucks

A good song I found on You Tube from years back, "Respect" by Erasure

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