Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Farewell to the King of Pop

Today was Michael Jackson's memorial service in Los Angeles. I watched it on TV and was moved. It was a beautiful service, fitting for the King of Pop. He would've been so proud of his family and friends for doing such a lovely job to put it all together.

It's so sad, to lose such a talented person with a gift that was evident from the very start. I was a little girl when the Jackson Five came into the public spotlight. And they were everywhere, on tv, on lunchboxes, on the radio and more. It was great music and my parents and I liked it all. As time went on, I grew up watching and hearing about MJ and his songs, scandals and families. To me, he was a sensitive and misunderstood person who was so naiive that people took advantage of him. He was his gift, there was no separation. Being born with a profound talent is a lifelong responsibility to use it well and to nurture it. And that he did. There was nobody who was a better showman than Michael Jackson. Everything he did came naturally to him, and he was a perfectionist. Being one myself, I can relate with the perfectionistic personality, and how hard it is to live up to it. He worked hard, very hard, and showed the world the best performances possible. I have total respect for him, and will choose to remember him for the good things he did. Those who focus on the negative are just cruel. This was a man who gave the world so much and wasn't given enough credit for all the good things he did.

Now that MJ is gone, he'll never know how much the world loves him. He would've loved it. I am one of many fans, but not a fanatic, just a regular fan. I cried watching his little daughter making a statement at the end of the service. Those kids are just so young to have to undergo such a loss. They will be well cared for with the Jackson family, who seem so warm and caring. I hope Debbie Rowe slips away and leaves them alone. Those kids don't need the hassle of a court fight over them after losing the only parent they've ever known. She wouldn't even send them birthday cards. My heart goes out to the whole family. You've been through so much with this and may you heal in peace. Rest in peace, Michael Jackson.

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