Friday, August 02, 2013

Late Summer..Keeping Calm and Carrying On

It's a busy start to August but very comfortable, with cool winds and cloudy but blue skies. I have been under quite a bit of general stress, not one thing..just lots of little things..and so I've been working to take a break from drawing (can't draw or do much of anything if too stressed). It feels good to drive in the country or work in the garden, organize my office and downstairs desk, just this and that. It isn't easy being me. I want to accomplish a lot and have to plan to do it because my brain gets all fragmented. So many thoughts and ideas, and then other times, none. My business is ok, despite the upheaval of losing our own personal HTML coding that used to customize our stores. Customers are still coming. No need to worry. Just keep moving forward.

Mom and dad have had car trouble lately and needed help getting around, so today I took them to the store. We went out to eat, dad's treat, for breakfast on the terrace of a restaurant we like. Good home cooking, my favorite. It felt great to sit there over coffee, Belgian waffles topped with strawberries and just talk. We all needed it, they were feeling stressed too. We used to eat at restaurants nearly all of the time when I was a kid so when we go out now (less frequently), it feels like old times. Love it. Most of our favorite restaurants are in Beachwood (where they used to live) but we have some favorites out here in the country, too. It's more laid back and less formal here, which is nice. There's a great golf club down the street from me that has a good restaurant that we all like, too. We just sit out on the terrace overlooking the lake and take in the beautiful environment there. So atmospheric.

Pretty soon I will need to get another car, as mine needs repairs more frequently. I'll keep this car as a back-up, having learned the lesson to never get rid of a car that runs when getting another. It's not a bad car, just need it to be used less frequently to preserve its life. As a single woman alone, it pays to have back-up when living out in the country. As for getting another, I'm in no hurry. Takes time and research to find the right one, sometime next year if all goes well.

After doing chores with my parents here and there, we went back to their place, then I went home. The cats were (as always) excited to see what I had in the grocery bags. Like a good cat owner, there is lots of cat food. They eat better than I do, lol. They have no idea how good they have it, despite knocking over a pot holding one of my orchid plants last night, severing the flowers from the plant and breaking the pot. The cats are fine, but so much for the flowers. It's ok, cats are's their job to be naughty at times. So, I have what amounts to a corsage sitting in water here on my desk. The plant is ok - it will bloom again, but the pot is a goner. Life goes on.

I've known a few people who have had tough times in particular..a friend who divorced her husband apparently encountered a new man who disappointed her somehow (I didn't ask details). I feel for her, been there more times than I'd like to admit. This one cheated, that one got transferred. Another one was a lying snake who had lovers in different cities, that one went back to his native country. Yep, been there. Still, there is hope in finding someone who is ok. She will, I know it. As for me, I don't really know how to flirt and am pretty reclusive by nature. I rarely get interested in anyone out of fear of being hurt but when I am, I just keep my mouth shut and sort of freeze up. I'm not shallow, just timid underneath the big personality. Any man who liked me would have to tell me or I'd never get it. My friend is more open and enthousiastic about things, her spirit hasn't been broken yet. She was married to her ex a long time, they were high school sweethearts. She hasn't experienced (luckily) the full scope of frustration that dating brings yet so she has confidence in it, despite a momentary setback. I wish her the absolute best and hope she finds someone that is good to her! I hate to see my friends feeling rejected..if someone doesn't treat you right...NEXT!

The garden is doing well. I have a new bud coming on one of my rose bushes. It had been so messed up when it was given to me, but with fungicide, plant food and some love, both rose bushes have taken off and are doing fine. The blueberry bushes are turning out loads of berries. It's wonderful..and next year I'll get more berry plants (strawberries, maybe raspberries). I have a book on raising fruit plants now and have been studying it. Nothing beats fresh fruit with no preservatives. After making a blueberry crumb pie last week, I already have a heaping cup of blueberries in my fridge..and more are coming every day. Love it.

So, all in all, it's been a good late Summer so far. In the near future I will be offering watches in my stores. I am gearing up for work marathons, getting my creating mojo back in action. Mom and dad are enjoying their Summer, despite setbacks and issues in their lives at times. They are safe, have what they need and love their cats. How I wish my businesses would really take off so I could help them when they need it. Until then, they are doing their best and are in great spirits. Keeping busy is the best thing. Why I've always been a workaholic. Learned it from them. Just keeping calm and carrying on..the only way to be!